10 fun and engaging activities for the elderly

Whether due to mobility concerns or other physical limitations, it can become more difficult to get out and about as we get older. This can sometimes limit the number of activities older people can participate in and can even lead to feelings of loneliness or isolation.

However, just because we may be spending more time indoors doesn’t mean that we can’t still have fun and engaging experiences. There are many enjoyable activities for older people that can be done from the comfort of home.

Meal delivery options for the elderly

As your parents get older, cooking tasty and nutritious meals can become more of a challenge. You may find yourself travelling to your loved one’s home each day to cook meals for them or freezing meals that can then be heated up when you aren’t available.

A great way to relieve some of this burden is through our very own in-home care service where we can prepare, serve and keep your loved one company during meal times.

6 tips for helping the elderly stay warm in winter

Winter can be a challenging season for many older adults. Colder weather, icy roads and seasonal illnesses such as the flu present greater risks to our health as we age. As we get older, the body’s ability to regulate its own temperature is reduced, placing older adults at greater risk for cold-related health problems and illnesses.

With this in mind, we’re sharing some tips on how you can help your older family or friends stay safe and warm during the cold, winter months.

Prevention of slips, trips and falls

It is important that we continue to keep an eye on and help others especially an older person when up and around. During winter months, it remains important that we stay safe on icy pavements to prevent slipping.

Below are some top tips from our Quality team on how to avoid slips trips and falls:

Winter health and wellbeing tips

After the busy festive period,  January can be an excellent time for a fresh start, and a chance to begin the year with a healthy mind-set.

You may also be looking for ways in which you can improve your physical and mental health in 2023. Here are some top tips from our Head of Co-ordination, Jane Hancock.

Look after yourself physically, to feel better mentally

Winter wellbeing – vitamin D

Tips for winter wellbeing from our expert Dr. Sue Jones

Vitamin D is essential for healthy bones. In the UK we get most of our vitamin D from being outside in the sunlight. Between October and early March, the sunlight does not have enough UVB radiation for our skin to be able to make vitamin D. 

10 top tips to fight fatigue this winter

1. Try eating smaller-portioned meals throughout the day

It’s not just what you eat that impacts your energy levels, but also when you eat. For instance, have you ever noticed how you feel sluggish after a big lunch or dinner? That’s because your body is using its energy to digest that big meal instead of powering the rest of your body. Start with a healthy, hearty breakfast to start your day right, and then try eating smaller-portioned meals throughout the rest of the day. This will keep your body fuelled regularly and may even help you lose weight.

2. Spice up your [...]

Strokes: signs, rehabilitation and risk reduction

What is a Stroke?

When talking about strokes, many refer to what’s known as an ischemic stroke. Accounting for nearly 80% of all strokes, an ischemic stroke occurs when a blood vessel (leading to the brain) becomes blocked, cutting off blood flow to certain parts of the brain. An interruption of blood flow means that the brain no longer receives its required supply of oxygen, and after just a minute without oxygen and other essential nutrients, brain cells can begin to die.

The other common type of stroke, known as a hemorrhagic stroke (which accounts for 20% of all strokes), occurs when [...]

Prostate cancer: causes, symptoms and treatment

A Growing Concern

Based on year-over-year trends, the American Cancer Society estimates that in 2017, there will be 161,360 new cases of prostate cancer and approximately 26,730 deaths. One reason for its frequency in recent years is that life expectancy has increased – and paired with the fact that 80% of prostate cancer cases are found in men 65 years of age (or older), the correlation is relatively clear. While the root cause of prostate cancer may not be easily identifiable, the scientific community has come a long way in recent years in terms of understanding the role played by genetics.


Potential [...]

Skin cancer in seniors: development, identification and risk reduction

On the Surface and On the Rise

Skin cancer is consistently reported to be the most common form of cancer in the United States, affecting more than one million people every year – many of whom are 65 years of age or older. While many are aware of the three types of skin cancer – basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and melanoma – the actual development of skin cancer may not be as well known. Below you will learn how skin cancer forms, the differences between the three types, and how your ageing loved ones can identify and reduce the [...]