10 top tips to fight fatigue this winter

1. Try eating smaller-portioned meals throughout the day It's not just what you eat that impacts your energy levels, but also when you eat. For instance, have you ever noticed how you feel sluggish after a big lunch or dinner? That’s because your body is using its energy to digest that big meal instead [...]

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Strokes: Signs, Rehabilitation, and Risk Reduction

What is a Stroke? When talking about strokes, many refer to what’s known as an ischemic stroke. Accounting for nearly 80% of all strokes, an ischemic stroke occurs when a blood vessel (leading to the brain) becomes blocked, cutting off blood flow to certain parts of the brain. An interruption of blood flow means that [...]

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Prostate Cancer: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

A Growing Concern Based on year-over-year trends, the American Cancer Society estimates that in 2017, there will be 161,360 new cases of prostate cancer, and approximately 26,730 deaths. One reason for its frequency in recent years is that life expectancy has increased – and paired with the fact that 80% of prostate cancer cases are [...]

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Skin Cancer in Seniors: Development, Identification, and Risk Reduction

On the Surface and On the Rise Skin cancer is consistently reported to be the most common form of cancer in the United States, affecting more than one million people every year – many of whom are 65 years of age or older. While many are aware of the three types of skin cancer – [...]

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Elderly Malnutrition

Elderly Malnutrition; Spot the Signs of Malnutrition in your Elderly Relative As we age, our bodies require fewer calories, yet we require more protein, calcium, B vitamins, and other nutrients. Unfortunately, there remains a surprising lack of awareness about the specific dietary needs of seniors and how nutrition plays a key role in their well-being [...]

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Occupational Therapy for Seniors

Occupational Therapy Activities or the Elderly; Helpful Tips for Carers Occupational therapy is a method of helping people lead independent and productive lives by allowing them to recover or develop skills needed to complete daily tasks. While occupational therapy can be utilised by those of any age, it has been known to be quite beneficial [...]

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5 New Year Resolutions to Keep with Your Elderly Relative

5 Good Things to do for your Elderly Relative The new year is here, and it's time to start making those resolutions again. But rather than setting yourself unrealistic resolutions that you will have forgotten about in a few months, here are five simple resolutions you can set yourself as you continue to look after [...]

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After Surgery

After Surgery: How to care for an elderly person at home Many elderly undergo surgery at some point for everything from hip replacements to more complex operations. If an elderly friend or relative is soon to undergo an operation, you will want to start preparing in advance to help them in their recovery. If you [...]

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