The future of self-funded care

With the general election fast approaching and the launch of party manifestos, we have seen a renewed interest in social care and the ongoing debate on its funding. First came Labour, who revealed that it would introduce a ‘National Care Service’, promising an additional £8bn for social care over the lifetime of the next Parliament. [...]

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A manifesto for social care

The recent announcement of a general election came as a surprise, and Theresa May’s decision to hold one as soon as June left of her political opponents scrambling to fill their manifestos. The dominance of Brexit on the political agenda has naturally meant it has taken centre stage in the run-up to the election. However, [...]

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Equity Release

Equity Release – How can it Help me to Finance Care at Home? For many in retirement, the question of paying for care is one of some consideration and often the biggest asset held is the home. Often, however, this isn’t a readily available source of funds. Most don’t want to sell the home to [...]

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The cost of a care home

Every year Prestige Nursing + Care undertakes a study into the cost of a care room in a care home – and each year’s results are more alarming than the last. This year’s study found that an average room in a home increased a massive ten times as fast as pensioners’ incomes did – which [...]

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Government Postpones Cap on Care Costs

Government Postpones Cap on Care Costs The latest Care Act Newsletter from West Sussex County Council came out recently, and in it there was some important news surrounding the proposed cap on care costs that the government pledged to bring in before the election. The cap was set to come into effect in 2016, but [...]

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Protection needed for social care funding to avoid another crisis

NHS crises could increase without the protection of social care funding as thousands of vulnerable people risk missing out on vital services. A recent article in Public Finance explains that local government leaders have called on Chancellor George Osborne to use next month’s Budget as a way to put social care funding on a ‘sustainable financial footing’. [...]

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Care Choices

Conversations on care: care choices Choosing care for a loved one can be a stressful and sensitive time for the entire family. There’s a wide variety of services available and it is never too early to start thinking about emotional, practical and financial plans if your loved one needs extra support. It can be difficult [...]

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Addressing an ageing population

Addressing an ageing population The growing number of older people in the UK presents a number of major challenges as well as opportunities. Statistics show population ageing is forecast to continue, with the number of people in the UK aged 65 and over increasing by nearly two-thirds to reach 15.8 million by 2031. Britain is [...]

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