Prevention of slips, trips and falls

It is important that we continue to keep an eye on and help others especially an older person when up and around. During winter months, it remains important that we stay safe on icy pavements to prevent slipping.

Below are some top tips from our Quality team on how to avoid slips trips and falls:

General tips when outside/inside:

  • When going outside wear footwear that has strong grips for stability especially in the winter. If you do not have shoes with good grips buy some ice grippers to attach to the sole of your shoes.
  • When going outside make sure you have well-fitting shoes that are comfortable to walk in.
  • When inside avoid walking on slippery surfaces e.g., tiled floor with just tights/socks.

Tips for an older person when outside:

  • When it is wet, or if there is ice and snow rethink if it is necessary to go outside. If so, try to walk outside only in daylight as you can see everything clearly and allow extra time.
  • Consider a mobility aid especially in the winter if pavements are slippery. Make sure rubber ferrules on walking aids are secure and do not need replacing due to wear and tear.
  • Always focus on the pavement in front of you to avoid any obstacles e.g., cracks in the pavement, uneven ground etc.


Tips for an older person when inside:

  • Make sure rugs/mats have anti-slip underlay and grip corners down with anti-slip rug grippers to avoid curling.
  • Have enough lighting around e.g., a plug-in night light.
  • Make sure there are no exposed wires on floors.


It is especially important to take care of ourselves and our loved ones to stay physically healthy to prevent trips and falls. Make sure you:

  • Eat well
  • Stay hydrated
  • Keep active to maintain strength and reduce falls by improving mobility.
  • Take care and ensure eyesight and hearing are in check or if glasses/hearing aids are used.
  • Do not get intoxicated.
  • Take the right medication. Some medications can make you feel dizzy or faint and affect balance. Make sure healthcare professionals are aware so they can check the doses or look for alternative medications.

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