Wandering in the Elderly

Wandering in the Elderly; Tips to Prevent Unwanted Elderly Wandering Due to growing numbers of seniors, many of whom are afflicted with Alzheimer’s and dementia, wandering is increasing. Even in familiar places, a person with Alzheimer's may not remember his or her name or address and can become disoriented. Wandering with dementia is dangerous, but there are [...]

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Medicine Safety & the Elderly

Medicine Safety & the Elderly: Tips to Follow Many elderly people take medications for all kinds of conditions. But sometimes taking medicines can cause problems. Your elderly relative may be confused by which medications to take and when, and this can cause safety issues. Here are some tips to follow to ensure your elderly relative [...]

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Making sure the Home is Safe for Your Elderly Relative

Making sure the Home is Safe for Your Elderly Relative: Top Checks to Make Your elderly relative may need help in a number of ways, which can include assistance with staying safe around the home. Often this is easy enough for you to do, and there are various checks that you can help them with [...]

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Reduce Nuisance Phone Calls and Junk Mail for the Elderly

Reduce nuisance phone calls and junk mail to reduce stress for the elderly Nuisance phone calls can be annoying for anyone, but when your elderly parent receives such calls it can be especially distressing. Junk mail can also be annoying, and it can contain scams that target the elderly and the vulnerable. So how can [...]

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Tips on reducing fall-risk for older people at home

Tips on reducing fall-risk for older people at home There are very few places we know better than our own homes. For many elderly people who have lived in the same accommodation for a large part of their lives, their home is a safe haven, a cosy place to return to and a relatively stress-free [...]

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