Case Study: Liam


Liam is living with quadriplegic cerebral palsy and severe scoliosis and lives at home with his mum and primary carer, Lesley.

Lesley needed some respite from the physical aspects of caring for Liam. Liam was living with spinal rods to help with his cerebral palsy, but this resulted in him frequently suffering chest infections.  He was also struggling with his sleep and de-saturation due to occluded airways so needed Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP). Lesley was exhausted both physically and emotionally. She was getting increasingly concerned about being able to meet his needs into adulthood.  Whilst she knew she needed support to care for Liam, she was concerned about introducing a clinical environment into the home.  She wanted Liam to be cared for by young carers, who would be able to engage and stimulate him, promote his independence and encourage his social nature.   Liam’s continuing care nurse recommended Prestige Nursing & Care to Lesley for Liam’s care.

Prestige chose a team of young carers, Callum and Ruth, who would best meet not just his care needs, but who would be aligned to how he wished to live his life.  They were expertly trained to meet his nursing needs, including button peg feeding, suctioning, CPAP – oxygen overnight and emergency oxygen for the daytime, oxygen saturation monitoring, catheter care, eye level presentation for visual impairment and hoisting/handling.  In addition to his complex needs they were required to provide personal care and socialisation.   One of Prestige’s registered nurses provided one-to-one training for Callum and Ruth. They were assessed as competent in the specific nurse-led care that Liam required.  With everything in place Lesley was able to have respite to spend time going out with her husband.

Lesley said: “Prestige carers follow protocol but in such a non-clinical way. Liam needs somebody with a spark, who can laugh and joke with him and this is what they do.  I know how much Liam is benefitting, and this makes me happy.  Prestige has made such a difference to my life. They are friendly, approachable, flexible, committed, trustworthy and reliable.”

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