Through our established family of leading home care brands in the UK, we have been trusted by our clients and their families to provide competent and compassionate live-in care for over 10 years.

Our live-in home care service is delivered by The Good Care Group and is focused on improving health and overall well-being in the place people love most, their own home.

We are the only dedicated live-in care provider that has been rated ‘Outstanding’ in all five key measures by the Care Quality Commission in England and our service in Scotland has been awarded the highest overall rating from the Scottish Care Inspectorate – whether you are a family, case manager or commissioner we know this provides peace of mind and reassurance that the service we provide is of the highest quality.

We are experts in providing specialist care and support for those living with conditions like dementia, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), or for those who need cancer care or stroke care has seen us positively improve the lives of thousands of families, enabling them to live an enhanced life in their own homes.


Live-in care is a real alternative to moving into a residential care or nursing home that is being preferred by families up and down the country.  Live-in care is when a professional carer comes to live with you in your home to provide all the care and support you need to live a fulfilled life, with independence, dignity and choice.

Whether you have been struggling to cope alone with day-to-day activities and tasks, a family carer has been supporting you but is unable to do so anymore, or you have been receiving hourly care at home and your increasing care needs mean you now need 24-hour care, live-in care really can make a significant difference to your life.  Knowing there is a carer there to support you around the clock really does provide reassurance at a time you may need it most.

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For many a move into a residential care home in their later years can cause much upset, worry and for some confusion. Having routines imposed on how you live, leaving your loved one, feeling isolated from family and friends or your local community are all common concerns experienced by those facing a move into a care home.

Staying at home means that you can continue to live life your way whilst benefitting from one-to-one care provided by a competent and compassionate live-in carer whose focus it is to improve your quality of life and enhance well-being.


There are several different types of live-in care including:

  • 24 hour live-in care for when round the clock care is needed to support you in living independently at home
  • Respite care can be used to give a primary caregiver a much-needed break or as a means for families to test out a permanent live-in care arrangement before committing
  • Short term care when you need support on a temporary basis after discharge from a hospital or for those recovering from illness
  • When you need specialist complex care for conditions that impact your ability to live well including neurological conditions like dementia, Parkinson’s or motor neurone disease and physical disabilities such as muscular dystrophy and cerebral palsy
  • End-of-life palliative care which ensures a person’s choices and wishes are met until the end of their life
  • Emergency care for when immediate live-in care is required following an unexpected fall, illness or injury



We provide specialist care of conditions that affect a person’s ability to live well. Whatever specialist condition you are living with, our carers are supported by our expert nursing and clinical teams to ensure you live a life with improved quality and health outcomes, whilst maintaining choice and independence.


Our service is nurse-led and carers are trained in the clinical skills required to provide care and support for complex, terminal and other medical conditions that impact how you live your life. They are supported by an experienced, dedicated registered nurse who undertakes regular competency assessments to ensure high standards of care delivery and provides clinical monitoring, supervision and support. With this leadership and oversight carers can perform many delegated healthcare tasks and clinical interventions at home.


Companionship is at the forefront of everything we do. Our carers will support your social, emotional and psychological needs as well as your care needs so you can live a fulfilled life, for all of life. At Prestige Nursing & Care we will match you with the most suitable carers so that interests and backgrounds are aligned as we know this makes for an enriched and enjoyable life. Our carers will support you to maintain friendships and social interests, whilst ensuring you continue to be connected to things you care about in your local community.


Our carers are trained to provide personal care in a way that is compassionate, respectful and sensitive. They will support you with the tasks of bathing, personal hygiene, dressing and continence care, whilst ensuring you are always looking and feeling your best as we know how this builds self-esteem.


Our carers are trained to support safe mobility in and around the home – everything from transferring and positioning to minimising falls through effective assessment of risk, to facilitating and supporting safe movement. They will effectively assess risks and work with clients who wish to take ‘positive risks’ so that they can have as much independence as possible and live life as you wish.


For the majority of our clients ensuring medications are managed effectively is critical to their health and well-being. Our carers can manage complex medication regimes, providing sensitive reminders and collecting medication from the pharmacy.


Our carers will help by planning your meals, preparing and cooking your food for you, or with you whilst supporting you to eat if needed. They will focus on ensuring the food you eat meets your health and nutritional needs, whilst maintaining your preferences and choices.


Our carers will make sure your house is clean, laundry is done as required and will undertake any shopping or errands outside the home. They will also happily provide care to your beloved pet.


We work closely with community nursing teams and hospital discharge planners to support a swift and effective discharge from hospital ensuring the right care and support is in place. Our high-quality, home care service delivered by trained and experienced carers and overseen by clinical experts is focused on achieving outcomes that significantly reduce hospital admissions.


For clients who need to relearn skills our carers assist goal-focussed care at home that involves intensive time-limited assessment and therapy intended to reduce the need for a long-term care arrangement or readmission to hospital.


We provide support to people who need to learn new skills to improve the overall quality of their life with as much independence as possible. Our carers are focused on enabling a person to do as much for themselves as possible with the right support, as opposed to just doing it for them. We know this means people can live a more fulfilled and purposeful life.


We assist outcome-based rehabilitation at home following a life-altering incident supports an individual with mobility, physical development and mental health well-being. We adopt a multi-disciplinary approach to the service we provide working in collaboration with other healthcare professionals, including physiotherapists, occupational therapists and speech and language therapists to ensure a high-quality, holistic and responsive approach to the brain injury care we provide.


Our compassionate and competent carers are there to support those who need palliative or end-of-life care. They are trained to ensure an individual’s medical, physical, psychological, social and spiritual well-being is enhanced, whilst ensuring a person’s wishes, choices and preferences are met until the very end-of-life.


We know through our experience that faced with the prospect of needing long-term care and support, that most people would prefer to stay in their treasured home, and not endure the disruption caused from a move into a residential care or nursing home. There are many benefits to receiving hourly care at home as opposed to moving into a care home.

  • One-to-one care and support – whilst there are many good care homes, one-to-one care simply cannot be provided in any care home
  • Familiar surroundings provide comfort for those who are living with conditions like dementia or Parkinson’s or are recovering from a stroke or receiving nurse-led care at home
  • No rigid timetables directing your daily routines and how you live your life – at home you can live with choice and independence
  • Keep your treasured home in your family – if you move into a care home it is likely that you will have to sell the family home to fund your care home fees
  • Peace of mind for families – those close to you have the reassurance that you are getting all the care and support you need in the safety of your own home
  • Couples can stay together as a loving couple – if you move into a care home you will be separated from living with your spouse or partner. Even if you both need care and go into a care home together, it is highly unlikely you will be able to share the same room. If you have different care needs, you may not be able to be cared for in the same part of the home
  • Maintain what is important to you in life – staying at home enables you to continuing to live with your cherished pet, having all your possessions and memories around you and keeping up with friends in your local community or hobbies you enjoy – all of which is very difficult to achieve in a care home
  • The cost of live-in care is effective when compared with the overall weekly fee of receiving care in a residential or nursing home


Live-in care is the ideal home care solution for individuals and couples in the following situations:

  • When around the clock care and support is needed to ensure a person is safe and cared for day and night – 24-hour live-in care really is the answer
  • For those who are being discharged from hospital for post-operative rehabilitation or to recover following an acute illness, live-in care can be offered on a temporary basis as an intermediate care or convalescent care package
  • When care and support is required for those who have complex care needs or require nurse-led care at home
  • For those needing palliative /end-of-life care there is really no need to go into a hospice or another specialist care setting to get the sensitive and dignified care you need, right up to the end of life
  • If you need emergency care at home put in place urgently following an accident or sudden deterioration in your health
  • For those that need respite care at home to give a family carer a break or to assess whether live-in care is the right care choice for the longer term

Considering live-in care providers

If you have decided that live-in care is a choice you want to explore further, it is worth noting the differences in types of providers that impact cost and quality of service, as well as how the service is managed. There are two types of providers – live-in care companies and live-in care introduction agencies.

An introduction agency is just that. They introduce you to a carer for which you pay a one-off fee. Once the carer is caring for your loved one, that is basically the end of their involvement. If there is a problem with the carer, they will find you another one and typically charge you the fee again. The carer will need to be managed by the person receiving care or their family. Whoever manages the arrangement they will need to pay the carer and their tax to HMRC, supervise and monitor the care they provide, organise holiday cover and emergency cover if they are not well – all of which can place a huge burden on the family and can be very time-consuming.

The other option is to choose a fully managed service provider. We are not an agency and offer a fully managed service which means our carers are:

  • Carefully selected using robust recruitment methods
  • Highly trained to deliver the standards of care we expect
  • Provided with responsive and local support and clinical oversight to ensure all our clients and care teams have everything they need.

You will pay a weekly fee for care and support and we are responsible for managing the care arrangement, so you have continuous provision of care and the carer is paid for the service they provide.

Another significant difference between the two is that a fully managed service provider is regulated and inspected by The Care Quality Commission in England and the Scottish Care Inspectorate in Scotland. Introduction agencies are not registered with governing bodies and not inspected, so you cannot be assured of the quality of the service they provide as it is not monitored in the same way. As a fully managed service provider our service is inspected so you can be reassured that the service you receive is meeting essential standards. Our live-in care service is rated ‘Outstanding’ in all five measures – safe, caring, effective, responsive and well-led – the only dedicated live-in care provider in the country to have received this five-star rating.



All our professional carers complete a market-leading training programme before they care for you and are provided support, monitoring and coaching throughout the time they live with you to ensure their knowledge and skills reflect best practice.  Usually a live-in care package will see two carers care for you, generally working on a two-week rotation.  We invest time in making sure we match the most suited carer to our clients needs, not just their care needs but we ensure that they share interests and backgrounds as we know this makes for an enriched and enjoyable way of life.


We have a wealth of in-house clinical expertise within our team.  Our dedicated Specialist Consultant Nurse and our central senior management team, many of whom are nursing professionals lead our approach to nurse-led care and ensure our professional care teams can support people who require clinical interventions or have complex medication regimes, so they can live well at home. Our care teams work closely with our in-house Occupational Therapist who provides advice and guidance on safe movement and mobility at home.  They work in partnership with healthcare professionals involved in our clients care to ensure swift discharge from hospital and advice and guidance on equipment and home adaptations that can improve life at home.


We are always looking for ways to innovate the care we provide and are proud to be the only live-in care provider in the UK to have market-leading digital technology that enhances the care we provide. Our online community for our clients, our carers and our client’s families mean that we can be responsive to any issues or concerns, whilst families can have a reassuring window into the care their loved one is receiving. This technology allows our care teams to effectively monitor changes in health and well-being, whilst enabling our clients and their families to stay in touch virtually. We know for families who live some distance from their loved one that being able to access their care records and care plans when they wish provides much-needed reassurance.


We are committed to providing a high-quality live-in care service that improves health outcomes for those we care for.  Using our digital technology, we can predict risk and carers are then guided to provide the right care at the right time.  It allows us to benchmark how effective our care is compared with other forms of care provision so we can continually further improve what we do.

In 2019 our approach saw us achieve the following:

  • Clients are seven times less likely to fall than a resident living in a care home.
  • 82% of our clients were diagnosed in 2019 with a UTI using our testing technology – this reduced the number of hospital admissions by 63% for a UTI.
  • An overall reduction of UTI related hospital admissions by 22%.
  • Our specialist pathway for those requiring palliative care at home ensured that 77% of our clients were able to pass away at home as opposed to going into a hospice or acute setting.
  • Clients are nine times less likely to acquire a pressure sore when compared to a care home.
  • Award-winning technology for monitoring chest infections saw us reduce hospital admissions by 28% for respiratory problems.
  • Our medication error rate is only 3% compared to 22% in a care home.
  • Clients living with dementia are four times less likely to be prescribed antipsychotic medication


Our responsive and reliable hourly care service local to you means we can put care and support in place quickly, and in many cases within 24-hours.   Depending on your needs, a comprehensive assessment will be conducted by either a registered nurse or our local care expert.  We can conduct the assessment at your home, in hospital or in any specialist care setting if you are awaiting discharge back home, enabling a plan of care to be developed that meets all your needs.

Our approach to care planning ensures we capture all your preferences and wishes so you can live a contented life in the comfort of your own home.  We take time to find the carer that would best meet your care and support needs, making sure they are closely aligned with how you wish to live your life. Once care is in place, our local teams made up of care and clinical experts provide you, your family and our carer with an abundance of on-going support.  This gives you peace of mind that you or your loved one is receiving the very best live-in care.


If you are a caring and compassionate person that wants to make a positive difference in someone’s life, consider a career in home care. Working in care is a truly rewarding career path that provides many practical benefits.

Carers are the superheroes of our business. Our “carer first” mentality means that everything we do is designed to support your career goals and help you become the best carer you can be. With over 75 years of experience in the care industry, we know how to support our care teams so that they can provide outstanding care to our clients.

As a Prestige Nursing & Care carer or registered nurse, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Competitive hourly rates that are usually higher than other agencies
  • Flexible working– the hours you want, when you want them
  • Working with a local team at a local branch
  • A variety of work matched to your skills and interests
  • Ongoing training and development
  • Multiple learning opportunities through our training programs
  • A competitive package with paid training
  • Future growth opportunities through staged care progression
  • A positive, supportive environment

Find out more about working as a professional carer or see our active job listings.


The cost of live-in care depends on the level of care and support you require. Our experts will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your needs at your home, or in hospital if you are awaiting discharge, to truly understand what you need and how much live-in care will cost.

We know that our live-in care costs are comparable to those of a good quality care home. It is worth noting that when comparing the cost live-in care with a care package in a care home, that the fee you pay for live-in care is actually for the care and support you receive.  In a care home your weekly fee mainly covers your accommodation, food and social activities with the care package being only a small part of what you pay.You may be entitled to either healthcare funding, social care funding or Government funding to contribute to the cost of live-in care.  If you are faced with having to finance your own live-in care (known as self-funding care), there are initiatives available to you, including care fees annuities or equity release schemes that could provide the funds you need for your care and support.

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If you wish to arrange live-in care, if you contact us you can speak to a dedicated care advisor who will answer all your questions and provide information you need to make the right choices.

We will then arrange a no-obligation home meeting with you and your loved one, either at your home or in hospital if you are awaiting discharge following treatment.  We can all discuss their needs and how we will match a professional carer for you so we can get the right team and right care package in place at the right time.


What is Live-in Care?

Live-in care is when a professional carer moves into your home to provide you with round the clock care, companionship and emotional support. Live-in care offers a real alternative to moving into a residential care or nursing home for individuals with care needs.

What Does a Live-In Carer Do?

A live-in carer can help you with any of the day-to-day takes that allow you to live independently. From discrete and sensitive personal care to medication administration and management, a live-in carer is there to support you with any of your specific care needs.

How Are Live-In Carers Assigned?

A live-in care service usually involves two carers working a two-week rotation. Your live-in carers will be matched to you according to your care needs, wants and preferences We know that matching you with a care team that shares your common interests and backgrounds makes life more enjoyable for everyone.

What Are The Benefits Of Live-in Care?

There are considerable and proven benefits to live-in care. When faced with the realisation that they need extra support to remain at home, many people fear that their only option is to move into a residential facility or nursing home. Live-in care allows individuals and couples to remain in their much-loved home while receiving the care they need.

How Much Does Live-In Care Cost?

The cost of live-in care depends on the level of care and support you require. The cost of live-in care is often less than or comparable to the cost of receiving care in a care home. This is especially true for people that need complex care or couples, who are often charged for two separate rooms in a care home.

There may be care funding available to you to receive a live-in care service depending on your financial circumstances and your care needs. Here you can learn more about healthcare and social care funding.

We are here to take your call and will provide impartial support and guidance – contact our friendly care experts today to discuss your live-in care needs.

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