Private Nursing Care at Home

Private nursing care at home is a specialised form of one-to-one care that enables people living with complex health conditions to receive the care they need without leaving the comfort of home. Private nursing care requires the expertise of specially trained carers or nurses to perform clinical care tasks and operate specialist medical equipment.

For over 75 years, Prestige Nursing & Care has provided high-quality, private nurse-led care to people from all walks of life. Our clients, their families, commissioning groups and Case Managers nationwide trust us to provide skilled nurse-led care focused on improving health and overall well-being – and all in the place people love best – their own homes.

Our established private nurse-led service cares for generations of people – from babies who require paediatric care at home and children with learning disabilities to adults and older people living with neurological conditions or other physical disabilities.  

Personalised and bespoke care packages are tailored to each client, ensuring all their needs and wishes are met. Our care is designed to facilitate independence, social interaction and emotional well-being whilst supporting people to fulfil their potential and live a purposeful and meaningful life.


Private nurse-led care supports individuals living with complex health conditions who need support to live well in their own homes.

Prestige Nursing & Care provides a fully managed, nurse-led care service that is flexible and designed to evolve with the changing needs of our clients. Working closely with commissioning groups and Case Managers across the country, we provide compassionate nurse-led care that improves quality of life and enhances overall well-being. 

Our nurse-led care is delivered by vetted and highly-trained carers. Each of our carers completes an industry-leading training programme created in collaboration with our registered nurses, clinical experts and other healthcare professionals. This hands-on nurse training means our carers can competently undertake a range of clinical tasks in our client’s own homes.

Our private nurse-led care service is monitored and supported by our experienced regional nursing teams. This expert oversight and dedication to providing only the highest quality care is reflected in our CQC rating: we are proud that 96% of our inspected services were rated as providing a ‘Good’ service.


Our team of dedicated nurse-led carers are experts in supporting individuals with a wide range of complex clinical needs including:

  • Degenerative conditions like dementia, Parkinson’s disease and Multiple Sclerosis
  • Cancer care
  • Stroke care
  • Physical disabilities such as muscular dystrophy and cerebral palsy
  • Respiratory conditions
  • Anyone facing a substantial recovery process after hospital discharge
  • Anyone requiring a cost-effective alternative to residential care facilities or nursing homes
  • Palliative / End-of-life care


Our carers are expertly trained and experienced in providing care and support for complex, terminal and other medical conditions that impact how people live their lives. They are supported by a registered home nurse who provides unrivalled monitoring and supervision of the nurse-led care we provide. 

As part of our private nursing care service, we assess care needs and plan the care and support required. We continually monitor and evaluate outcomes so the care provided meets changing needs.

Nurse-led care includes:

  • Establishing and agreeing on clinical care needs
  • Undertaking risk assessments
  • Developing a plan of care and working with the client and family to set expectations
  • Providing hands-on care at home
  • Evaluating the care provided, ensuring the right care is delivered at the right time so a person’s needs are met – every time
  • Providing advice and support to the client and their family
  • Working in collaboration with other healthcare professionals involved in a person’s care


Our trusted private nursing care service is flexible and can be provided in the following ways:

  • Hourly care or visiting care is flexible and can be provided for as many hours as required throughout the day or week to ensure our clients are never without the support they need.
  • Respite care for those needing a short-term arrangement after hospital discharge to rehabilitate or when a family carer needs a break from their caring role.
  • 24-hour care is for people with substantial care needs who need round-the-clock support to live well at home. A team of dedicated carers will take turns being with throughout the day and night, so you’re never left without the support you need. 


Our complex care is nurse-led and our care teams are trained in the clinical skills required to provide care and support for complex, terminal and other medical conditions. They are supported by an experienced and dedicated registered nurse who undertakes regular competency assessments and provides clinical monitoring, supervision and support.

With this leadership and oversight, carers can perform many delegated healthcare tasks and interventions at home, including:


  • Oxygen delivery and suctioning
  • Cough assist working in partnership with physiotherapists
  • Tracheostomy management
  • Non-invasive Positive Pressure Ventilation (NIPPV) via masks – CPAP/BiPAP
  • Invasive ventilation via machines – Nippy


  • NGT/PEG/gastrostomy management
  • Continuous/intermittent pump feeding


  • Catheter care
  • Stoma care


  • Skin integrity and pressure area care
  • Assistance with mobility aides to encourage safe moving and handling

We are experts in the specialist care of conditions that impact a person’s ability to live well, including:


We understand that Case Managers are looking for a professional, safe, reliable and effective clinical approach to providing care and support. Clinical excellence is at the heart of what we do at Prestige Nursing & Care. Our experienced nursing teams and expertly trained carers enable clients to live well at home, with improved health outcomes.

At Prestige Nursing & Care, we have developed strong relationships with many CCGs that are based on a shared goal of securing the right funded care package for our clients. This enables our clients to get the right care, at the right time.

We are a trusted partner of Case Managers, working in collaboration to create highly personalised and outcome-based complex care packages that are focused on improving quality of life, for all of life.

We understand that Case Managers are looking for a professional, safe, reliable and effective clinical approach to providing care and support. Clinical excellence is at the heart of what we do at Prestige Nursing & Care. Our experienced nursing teams and expertly trained carers enable clients to live well at home with improved health outcomes. This means our clients experience fewer falls, infections and unnecessary hospital admissions. 

Our core belief is that anyone, no matter what their age, should be able to receive high-quality, expert nurse-led care at home as opposed to having to spend prolonged periods of time in an acute or specialist care setting to get the complex care they need.


Why Choose Prestige Nursing & Care?

A Fully Managed Service 

Prestige Nursing & Care is not an agency. Unlike a home care agency, we are a fully managed and regulated complex care provider. This means our clients and professional partners can be reassured that the care and support we provide are of the very highest quality. 

CQC Regulated Care 

Unlike introductory agencies, our service is regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), England’s independent regulator of health and social care. We are proud that 96% of our inspected services are rated as providing a ‘Good’ service, with 4% rated ‘Outstanding’. All our services in Scotland have been awarded at least a four-star rating.

Care in Place Quickly

We know nursing and care homes often need immediate staffing solutions to cover last-minute shortfalls. In situations like this, time is of the essence, and your existing staff will be stretched beyond capacity. Our responsive team makes arranging staffing solutions quick and easy. We can quickly arrange and deliver the staffing solutions you need, often within 24 hours. 

Rigourous Recruitment & Training Process

Our commitment to excellence starts with our care team. Our rigorous recruitment process ensures only the most qualified and dedicated individuals join our team. Our carers undergo comprehensive training to ensure they possess the skills, knowledge, and compassion required to provide exceptional care. All of our carers have at least six months of care or health sector experience before being placed with a client or community partner. 


We provide private nursing care in over 30 locations in the heart of communities across England and Scotland. Our fully managed service is highly responsive, and our experts local to you can put care packages in place quickly, often within 24 hours. 

Call us to arrange a free home assessment. A member of our friendly team will visit you at home to discuss your care needs and how we can support them. 

Find out why our clients choose Prestige Nursing & Care for a high-quality, responsive private nursing care service.

We are here to take your call and will provide impartial support and guidance – contact our friendly care experts today to discuss your care needs.

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