Elderly Sitting Services

Elderly sitting services are a form of at home care where a professional carer visits your home to provide practical assistance with day-to-day living. Popping by for a minimum of a one hour visit, our carers can help with personal care, light housekeeping or accompanying you to appointments – anything that boosts your confidence and enhances your independence.

For over 75 years, Prestige Nursing & Care has been trusted by our clients and their families to provide competent and compassionate hourly home care. Our elderly sitting services are focused on improving health and overall well-being, and all in the place people love most, their own home.


For many elderly people living alone, losing the ability to maintain their usual daily routines and personal care habits can feel like a loss of independence. Many older people with care needs find themselves contemplating leaving their treasured homes to receive the care they need.

However, the prospect of moving into a care home doesn’t align with everyone’s preferences. For many people, it would mean losing vital connections with family, friends, and their communities.

Elderly sitting services are provided to people in their own homes when additional support is needed with day-to-day life. A competent and compassionate carer will help you with:

  • Household tasks
  • Personal care
  • Preparing and cooking meals
  • Encouraging hobbies and interests
  • Running errands
  • Pet care

A sitting service for the elderly can be provided from a one hour visit to as many hours / visits you require throughout the day, one or several days of the week, depending on your care and support needs.  For those with complex needs, our elderly sitting service can be provided over a 24-hour period.


Our elderly sitting service is flexible and tailored to you and your unique needs so you can live on your own terms. Consider our elderly sitting services if:

  • You are struggling with daily tasks: Our carers can support your daily routines, whether it’s managing time-consuming housework or providing discreet personal care.
  • Avoiding a move to care homes: As a popular alternative to relocating to residential care, elderly sitting services allow you to continue living in the familiar environment of your cherished home.
  • Supporting your movement: Our carers offer assistance in getting in and out of bed, moving confidently around your home, and following physiotherapy plans.
  • Expert care for complex conditions: Expertly trained, our carers specialise in supporting individuals with complex medical conditions, ensuring they receive the extra assistance needed at home.
  • Encouraging hobbies and interests: Elderly sitting services empower you to get out and about. Whether it’s a quick trip to the shops, visits to loved ones, or weekend getaways, your carer is there to help you get the most out of your life.
  • Combating loneliness: Our carers are selected for their kind and friendly personalities. Beyond providing care, they offer wonderful companionship.


Our trusted elderly sitting services are flexible and can be provided in the following ways:

  • Hourly care or visiting care is flexible and can be provided for as many hours as required throughout the day or week to ensure our clients receive support perfectly tailored to their lifestyles.
  • Respite care for those needing a short-term arrangement after hospital discharge to rehabilitate or when a family carer needs a break from their caring role.
  • 24-hour care is for people with substantial care needs who need round-the-clock support to live well at home. A team of dedicated carers will take turns being with you throughout the day and night, so you’re never left without the support you need.


Our night sitting service for the elderly provides round-the-clock support during the nighttime hours, so people with care needs or difficulty mobilising in bed can enjoy a good night’s rest.

One of our carers will arrive at the client’s home in the evening and remain awake throughout the night, either in the same room or nearby if preferred. This allows daytime carers or family members to sleep throughout the night so they can wake well-rested.

In the case of sleeping nights, the carer is likely already living with the individual as a live-in carer. A sleeping nights carer will help their client prepare for bed in the evening, and then they will sleep in their own bedroom. Although the carer will be asleep throughout the night, they can be called for the occasional nighttime assistance. A sitting night service may be more appropriate if substantial care is required throughout the night.



See for yourself why our valued clients choose Prestige Nursing & Care to provide the care and support they need:


Prestige Nursing & Care is not an agency. Unlike a home care agency, we provide a fully managed and regulated care at home service. This means our clients, their families and our professional partners can be reassured that our care and support is of the highest quality. Families can focus on spending quality time together rather than managing care arrangements.


Our service is inspected by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) in England and the Scottish Care Inspectorate (SCI) in Scotland. We are proud that 96% of our inspected services have been rated as providing a ‘Good’ service, with 4% rated ‘Outstanding’ in England.

Our accredited service for complex care, which meets local and national quality standards and ensures a consistent approach to the care we provide, provides peace of mind and reassurance that our service is of the highest quality.


Our commitment to excellence starts with our care team. Our rigorous recruitment process ensures only the most qualified and dedicated individuals join our team. Our carers undergo comprehensive training to ensure they possess the skills, knowledge, and compassion required to provide exceptional care. All of our carers have at least six months of care or health sector experience before being placed with a client or community partner.


Our service is nurse-led and our carers are expertly trained to provide care for complex, terminal and other medical conditions. They are supported by a registered home nurse who provides unrivalled monitoring and supervision of our clinical care. With this leadership and oversight, carers can perform many delegated healthcare tasks and interventions at home.


Our responsive and reliable local nurse-led service allows us to put a care pathway and plan in place quickly and, in many cases, within 24 hours. We work in partnership with healthcare professionals, Case Managers, families and personal injury lawyers to ensure we have an in-depth understanding of a client’s needs. Our local registered nurse will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your needs at home or in any specialist care setting, enabling a plan of care and support to be developed that meets all your needs.

Our approach to care planning, whether for an hourly, respite or live-in care service, ensures we capture all your preferences and wishes so you can live a contented life in the comfort of your home. We take time to find the nursing carer that would best meet your nursing needs, making sure they are closely aligned with how you wish to live your life.

Once care is in place, our local teams, made up of care and clinical experts, will provide you, your family, and our carer with abundant ongoing support. This gives you reassurance that you or your loved one is receiving the very best complex care at home.


The cost of elderly sitting services depend on the level of care and support you require. If you are receiving our hourly home care service, the overall cost will be determined by the number of visits and frequency of visits to you at home.

Our experts will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your needs at your home or hospital if you are awaiting discharge to truly understand what you need and how much our care services will cost.

You may be entitled to either healthcare funding, social care funding or government funding to contribute to the cost of sit in services for the elderly.  If you are faced with having to finance your own home care (known as self-funding care), there are initiatives available to you, including care fees annuities or equity release schemes that could provide the funds you need for your care and support.


We are here to help you and your family every step of the way. You can call us on 0808 239 1525 and one of our friendly care advisors will provide information and advice on your care options.

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