How to help someone with dementia

Find out how you can help those diagnosed with dementia by pursuing a career with Prestige Nursing & Care. Nursing and care jobs available across the UK.

Dementia presents a national challenge for an ageing population and a health and social care sector struck by massive funding shortages. Those with dementia can suffer from memory loss, personality change, and impaired reasoning as a result of the developed brain disease. With 1 million expected to suffer from dementia by 2020, it is clear that more needs to be done to help support those living with the condition.

Help with dementia

Dementia is a lonely and frightening condition, but greater interaction with local communities can offer sufferers some much needed relief and company. For example, the Dementia Friends campaign educates volunteers about what it’s like to live with dementia, who then spend time with sufferers or donate time to dementia charities.

There are many activities that can have benefits for dementia sufferers, including helping them participate in their hobbies and interests or simply involving them in everyday tasks. A recent study also suggests that simply spending time with individuals outdoors can help reduce the feeling of isolation and improve their quality of life.

Dementia care at home

Many assume that those with dementia have no other option than to go into a nursing home, when they can in fact stay in their home with additional assistance from a care giver, and  Prestige Nursing & Care offers dedicated dementia care to individuals in the comfort and familiarity of their own homes.

We understand the importance of maintaining sufferers’ independence for as long as possible, and strive to provide individuals with bespoke care that matches their particular needs. Our dementia care at home services do this by working closely with the client and their families to create personal, individual care plans. Our care staff also undergo specialist dementia training to ensure individuals are receiving the highest possible standard of dementia nursing care.

Dementia care jobs

At Prestige, we have a range of opportunities for nurses and carers to work with dementia patients. The work of a dementia care giver, while sometimes challenging, can also be very rewarding as it involves supporting someone through a difficult time. It is important for a dementia care giver to provide reassurance and support, while allowing the individual maintain their independence where possible. Each person’s experience with dementia is different, though most feel vulnerable, stressed, and anxious. A successful care giver works hard to reduce these feelings.

Prestige has a variety of roles available at various locations throughout the UK for those looking to work in dementia care. As the NHS reports that 1 in 3 born this year have increased chances of developing this disease, the need for dementia care givers will only continue to grow.

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