What to Buy Your Elderly Relative this Christmas

What to Buy Your Elderly Relative this Christmas

What to Buy Your Elderly Relative this Christmas

Buying Christmas presents for your elderly relative can be a challenge. You want to ensure you find something that they will truly appreciate, but this is not always easy. Here are a few ideas to get you thinking and to help you find them the right present this Christmas.

Gardening Gifts

If your elderly relative enjoys gardening, there are many great gifts you can buy that are related to their hobby, including bird feeders, tools, plants and seeds. Maybe find out which gardening implements they lack or that might encourage them into the garden.

If they do not enjoy gardening, think about what other hobbies they enjoy. Try to find something really special related to their hobby that they probably wouldn’t buy themselves or even know about – one of the best surprises!

Something to Do

If your relative likes to get out and about, consider buying them an experience, such as tickets to a show, a trip to the cinema, or a ticket to a special exhibition at a local gallery. You might even want to buy a season ticket to a theatre or a yearly membership to an art gallery.

Active Presents

Many elderly people need to stay moderately active. If your relative is a keen walker, that’s great. If they are not so active, you can get them a gift to encourage them to get out and about. There are plenty of gifts related to walking, including walking poles, a book of walks, a pedometer, walking shoes and more, so this could be a good starting point.

High Street Vouchers

Vouchers are always appreciated, especially if you choose a shop that you know they like to frequent. Buy them a gift voucher to WHSmith, Boots or somewhere else and let them choose what they want.

Something Tasty

Tasty things always make for a good gift idea. These could include fine chocolates, jams and pickles, craft beers or anything a little bit special that you know they will enjoy.

Handmade Gifts from Grandchildren

You could always get the grandchildren involved to make a handmade present. Why not get them to make a picture, frame it with a handwritten message on the back and hang it up on the wall for a really personal gift. There are plenty of other creative projects you could do, all of which will make for a fantastic gift.


Gadgets may not be for everyone, try not to pick something that is too complicated, only has a short shelf life or usefulness.

One possible idea is a digital picture frame. Set it up so that it includes a number of images of your family and the grandchildren. You might want to offer to scan your relative’s old photos as well so they can view them in the frame.

A Bit of Luxury

Consider a luxury gift idea like a day out at a health farm, a massage or a manicure. You could also offer to pay for a meal out at a nice restaurant.

Things They Are Always Using

Have a think about things that your elderly relative is always using. Ties, handkerchiefs, socks, accessories and anything similar can all make practical gifts that will be appreciated and you know that they will use them.

Spend Some Time with Your Loved One

Presents can be a wonderful way to show how much you appreciate them being in your life, and a good present will be treasured and enjoyed.

Also remember that Christmas is a time when many elderly people feel lonely. Try to meet up with your relative if you can, and if that is not possible, give them a call. You could also help them out by doing some shopping the week before or preparing some food that they can heat up on the day.

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