Activities for Older People to Enjoy

Activities for Older People to Enjoy

Activities for Older People to Enjoy when the Weather Turns

When the weather turns, elderly people have less opportunity to get outside. But staying active is important throughout the year, not just in the summer. It keeps them healthy, helps them to sleep better, and helps to ward off boredom and depression.

Here are some activities your elderly relative can enjoy either on their own or with you.


Shopping is a great way to get out and about, so head to the local shopping centre where the weather won’t be a problem. Look in the shops, stop off in the café for a drink or for lunch, and make a day of it. This is a good way to get active, and you don’t have to spend a lot of money. It can be a relaxing way to spend time together rather than being inside on their own.


Another any-weather activity, dancing is a great way to keep elderly people active, and it is also a fun social activity. Find out about local dance clubs that may have salsa and tango classes especially for the elderly.


Sign up your loved one for a local yoga class for the elderly. There may well be a class nearby, and this can provide a fun and social way to stay active and healthy. Yoga is great for improving flexibility and core strength, so give it a go.


Bingo is a classic game for elderly people. It’s a great way to get out of the house, and it is very social. It also provides mental stimulation, which is important in old age. Look for local clubs in the area and consider going along together.

Join a club

Look out for local clubs or classes that may interest your relative. These could include knitting, sewing, cooking or anything else. They may already have a hobby, or they may want to learn something new. Clubs are great for socialising and keeping active, which is especially useful during the winter months.

Board and Card Games

If you are inside and the weather is cold, you can play games together. Head to a charity shop and pick up some second-hand board games, or learn a few simple card games. There is an almost limitless range of options, but just make sure it is something social rather than solitary. You could invite friends around to play as well, and you could even start to hold bridge or whist evenings.

Video Games

It may seem an odd choice for elderly people, but video games can provide a lot of fun. The Nintendo Wii, for example, has active games that are suitable for all ages, and it could be a good option when getting out of the house is impossible.

Enjoy these Activities this Winter

These are just a few ideas for how you can stay active this winter no matter what the weather is like outside. Don’t let bad weather prevent your elderly parent from staying active. Help them to get out and about and to keep occupied, and you can help to prevent boredom and depression from becoming problems at this time of year.

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