Paediatric services accreditation tool

Prestige Nursing + Care has developed and introduced its own bespoke accreditation tool which assists us in specifying the level and scope of paediatric clinical services which individual branches are   resourced and equipped to provide.  

The benefits of accreditation include: 

  • Providing an assurance of quality and safety that supports decisions relating to care delivery for children and young people
  • Providing a mechanism for measuring quality and introducing improvements where required.
  • Supporting consistency in the quality of care.

The accreditation tool assesses the following six categories; CYP nursing expertise and support, staffing, education & training, assurance & governance, CYP centred care planning and infection control (Covid-19). 

The outcome of the assessment, which is undertaken annually, result in a branch being awarded white, bronze, silver or gold accreditation, indicating the level of clinical complexity, relating to CYP complex, packages.  that a branch is permitted to accept. 

A multidisciplinary team, which includes a children’s nurse, led by Head of Clinical Services undertakes the assessment and awards the accreditation status. 

This process provides assurance that any complex care package, involving a child or and young person, meets with the required local and national quality standards ensuring high quality care provision.

To download our paediatric services brochure please click here

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