Time to get out of the house and enjoy time with family

Its spring, time to get out of the house and enjoy time with family, especially with your elders

Spring means Easter, May Day and the spring bank holiday, and more importantly, a time to get together with family and to visit your elderly loved ones.

It’s important, especially if you are a carer yourself to make sure that your elderly loved ones are involved in your family activities. Not only is it psychologically and spiritually beneficial for them to feel a valued member of the family, but getting out and about can improve strength and mobility and stimulate the mind through new sights, sounds and experiences.

Sometimes we find that an elderly relative may shy away from taking an active part in a day out simply because they feel they will be a burden to others. Carers , even with their loved one’s best interests at heart, may not realise how precious a day out with the family can be for the person they assist – a few hours out is incredibly important for their independence at home, health, and well-being.

Valued as a member of the family, but are they getting the right exercise?

A simple exercise outdoors keeps the mind healthy and alert and is a positive change to simply sitting at home within the same environment every day. Exercise of course has physical benefits of keeping muscles and joints in working order, offers variation in activity during the day and can provide a great sense of achievement.

Making sure exercise is a part of an elderly person’s everyday activity may help towards preventing or reducing the risk of issues such as backache, heart disease and arthritis when done correctly. Take the opportunity to spend some great days out in West Sussex this spring and spend some quality time together.

Planning spring activities with your loved ones

This is the time to organise a day out which truly takes into consideration the needs of the older person. In Worthing and West Sussex, where Comfort Keepers® is based, there are many attractions and activities which offer all round interests and entertainment for all ages and all members of the family. For instance, Huxley Birds of Prey centre in Horsham offers excitement for the kids and a chance to get one to one with nature for the adults. At Arundel Wetland Centre, you can experience the fantastic nature reserve close to the historic town of Arundel while the kids will love the pond Skaters area.

Checking for accessibility

It is important to check with the venue beforehand to find out what accessibility facilities are on offer. Most activity centres will have some form of facilities for the disabled and the elderly. For instance, at Arundel Wetland centre they have wheelchairs (for when that walk is just a little too long!) and 2 disability toilets.

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