How to find agency care work

Are you in search of a fulfilling role that offers flexibility without the constraints of fixed hours? Agency care work might be the perfect fit for you. With agency care work, you won’t have a named contract, which means you could be on a zero-hours contract or considered a temporary worker, depending on the company. 

At Prestige Nursing & Care, we take a different approach. We understand the importance of finding the right fit for your needs, and our friendly branch team in your area is ready to discuss your employment options. We are committed to providing the support you need to work around your commitments.

We’re always looking for more people to join the Prestige team. Join us in our continued efforts to make life better for our clients. Find your next rewarding career

Explore how to find agency care work in agency care work with Prestige Nursing & care and discover a career that offers both fulfilment and flexibility.


Agency care work involves providing practical support and companionship to individuals in need, often within the comfort of their homes or care facilities. As an agency carer with Prestige Nursing & Care, your role encompasses a range of responsibilities aimed at enhancing the well-being and quality of life for those we care for due to age, illness, or disability.

A dynamic and varied role:

Agency care work is not limited to a fixed set of tasks; instead, it adapts to the unique needs of each client you support. From personal care, such as assistance with bathing and dressing, to companionship, medication reminders, and household tasks, the responsibilities are broad and tailored to the specific requirements of the person receiving care.

Flexibility in schedules:

One distinguishing feature of agency care work is the flexibility it offers. Unlike traditional employment with fixed hours, agency carers have more control over their schedules. This flexibility allows individuals to balance their professional commitments with personal responsibilities and preferences.

Making a meaningful impact:

The essence of agency care work lies in the positive impact you make on the lives of those you care for. By providing assistance, comfort, and companionship, you contribute to the overall well-being of people in need, enabling them to maintain their independence and lead fulfilling lives.

Responding to growing healthcare needs:

With an ageing population and an increasing preference for in-home care, the demand for agency carers is on the rise. This field presents an opportunity to be part of a crucial and growing sector with plenty of exciting employment opportunities.


Choosing to work for a care agency offers not just a job but a fulfilling career where you can grow professionally, make a positive impact, and be part of a supportive community. 

Here are just some of the many existing benefits of agency care work: 

  • Enjoy the freedom to customise your work hours, accommodating your lifestyle and preferences.
  • Receive competitive compensation packages, including hourly rates, benefits, and flexible working hours. 
  • Explore varied work settings, from assisting clients in their homes to providing care in different facilities.
  • Make a tangible difference in the lives of others by offering essential support, companionship, and assistance.
  • No two days on the job are the same. Engage in diverse tasks, from personal care to medication management, fostering a dynamic and engaging role.
  • There are many pathways for career advancement and specialisation within the care sector.
  • Contribute to community well-being by being an integral part of a care agency that supports individuals in need.


Becoming a professional agency carer can be achieved through many different routes, including obtaining college qualifications or undergoing industry-based training. Individuals can also opt to learn through hands-on experience while on the job.

While traditional classroom learning can benefit some, others may benefit more from practical training. Learning on the job offers a more immersive experience that allows carers to better understand their client’s needs and the role’s responsibilities. Before pursuing a career as a professional carer, it is important to consider which learning approach would be most suitable for you. 

At Prestige Nursing & Care, we ideally look for individuals with at least six months of professional care experience. We only have a limited number of care vacancies for people with no professional care experience, but we’d love to talk to you if you’re interested in getting into care work for the first time.


As a professional agency carer, you will be responsible for looking after vulnerable individuals and supporting them in achieving greater independence. In order to provide the best care and support, most carers possess a particular set of skills and qualities, which include: 

  • Excellent communication abilities
  • Proficient in planning, organising, and multitasking
  • Strong time-management and problem-solving skills
  • Keen observational skills
  • A cheerful and sunny misdemeanour 
  • Reliability

In order to become a carer with Prestige Nursing & Care, we also require the following qualifications and practical skills:

  • A good standard of written and spoken English
  • The right to work in the UK
  • Clear police, occupational health and reference checks
  • Good professional and personal references
  • Six months’ professional care experience in a care or health setting. This could include experience as a domiciliary carer, care assistant, homecare worker, support worker or healthcare assistant.

If you are new to care and have no prior experience, we offer training that leads to Care Certificates for certain roles, so please contact your nearest local branch to find out more.


Carers are the superheroes of our business. Our competent and compassionate carers are the reason we’re leading the way in home care services across the UK. That’s why everything we do is designed to support and empower our carers to deliver the outstanding care we’re known for. 

Our ‘Introduction to Care’ training program will equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to jumpstart your career. Our comprehensive training covers all aspects of the role and offers the essential knowledge, confidence and expertise required to excel as a care worker.

Some of the many benefits you can expect from Prestige Nursing & Care include: 

  • Hourly rates higher than other agencies
  • A flexible way to work locally – the hours you want, when you want them
  • Working with a local team at a local branch
  • A variety of work matched to your skills and interests
  • Ongoing training and development
  • A Member Advantages programme offering retail discounts

You can learn more about our job requirements and our recruitment process in our carer jobs section or explore our current carer jobs to see what’s on offer at Prestige Nursing & Care.

We are here to take your call and will provide impartial support and guidance – contact our friendly care experts today to discuss your care needs.

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