What is Convalescent Care?

Convalescent care, sometimes referred to as rehabilitation or reablement care, is support provided to people following an illness, operation or injury to help them through the recovery process. The care provided can include everything from support with personal care routines, assistance with mobility around the home, light housekeeping duties or simply companionship and emotional support

At Prestige Nursing & Care, we have provided competent and compassionate convalescent care at home for over 75 years. Our convalescent home care service is focused on providing the support you need to recover safely and independently at home so that you can return to the life you always had.

Convalescent care is usually provided on a short-term or intermediate basis. For those who require ongoing support, nurse-led care is also available. With support and oversight from a registered nurse, our experienced carers can perform many clinical interventions at home such as blood sugar monitoring or stoma and catheter care.

Join thousands of families across the country that trust us to provide skilled and compassionate convalescent care that is focused on improving health and overall well-being – all in the place you love most, your own home.

What Does Our Convalescent Care Include?

Our convalescent carers can provide a range of care and support services to you in the comfort of your home, including:

  • A highly-personalised care plan created in consultation with your medical team that will outline your recovery goals and establish a clear path to meeting them
  • Support from a team of highly-skilled carers knowledgeable about the care you require
  • Medication administration and management
  • Discreet personal care
  • Assistance with domestic tasks, such as laundry, cleaning and shopping
  • Meal planning and preparation
  • Socialisation and companionship
  • Expert nurse-led care at home for complex conditions

Who Can Benefit From Convalescent Care at Home?

Anyone that requires temporary support following surgery, a fall or an injury can benefit from convalescent care at home.

Many people believe that the only place to receive the convalescent care they need to recover safely is a hospital setting or residential care home. This is not the case. Convalescent care delivered by our highly-trained carers allows people to receive the dedicated support they need in the comfort of their own homes. 

Receiving convalescent care at home has far-reaching benefits for our clients and their families. Our home care service can be put in place as soon as you are discharged from the hospital so that your recovery can continue smoothly at home. 

Our carers, registered nurses and clinical experts will oversee all aspects of your recovery process from the pain and medication management to safe mobility around your home so that you can focus on recuperating and returning to normality. 

Our experienced carers are there to provide much more than just practical or clinical support. Your carer will take the time to get to know you and your goals and preferences so they can help you live the life you wish. This level of one-to-one, dedicated support is difficult to achieve in a hospital or residential care setting.

How Long Can Convalescent Care Be In Place?

The end goal of convalescent care is to meet the recovery goals of the people we support. As a result, the length of convalescent care is always dependent on each individual’s unique circumstances. Our care is highly flexible and can easily be adapted to meet your care needs should they change over time. If ongoing care or support for a complex condition is required, we also provide nurse-led care.

Cost of Convalescent Care

The cost of convalescent care is dependent on the level of care required. The overall cost of our care is determined by the number and frequency of visits to you at home. During our no-obligation assessment, our experts will visit you at home or in the hospital to discuss your care needs, wants and preferences. This will allow us to create a highly-personalised care plan and provide transparent pricing for the cost of convalescent care at home.

You may also be entitled to either healthcare funding, social care funding or Government funding to contribute to the cost of your care.

Arrange Convalescent Care at Home

Arranging convalescent care at home is as easy as contacting our friendly and approachable team. Thanks to our responsive local care teams across the country, we can put care and support in place quickly and in many cases within 24 hours.

Contact us to learn more about why our clients choose Prestige Nursing & Care for high-quality convalescent care at home.