Case Study: Jack

Highly personalised mind care for jack around-the-clock

Jack is in his 50’s and has motor neurones disease requiring numerous complex interventions.

When the family contacted Prestige, we undertook a comprehensive assessment of his needs working closely with Jack and his family, detailing the outcomes he wished to achieve.  One of the most important things for Jack was that he was able to have time to himself to watch the TV programmes he liked, whilst his wife was able to do things that she liked providing respite from caring for him.  It was imperative to both Jack and his wife that he was able to be cared for in his own home and not be cared for in clinical environment or specialist care setting.

We provided an effective and positive response to Jack’s motor neurone needs ensuring he and his wife were at the heart of the care planning process.  A care team was carefully selected so they would meet not just Jack’s clinical needs, but that they were aligned to how both Jack and his wife wished to enjoy life and their time together.   The care team considered various activities they could engage Jack’s wife in so that Jack could have the ‘me’ time he craved, whilst she did not feel guilty about not being right by his side.  One of the care team suggested a charity initiative to knit baby hats for their local hospital’s children’s unit.  Whilst the carer and Jack’s wife were happily engaged in their project, Jack was afforded time to himself undisturbed.

Jack’s motor neurone care package started as night-time care, whilst his wife rested and slept, but given the level of his needs and interventions required quickly became a 24-hour care service, some of which was delivered by two carers at the same time due to Jack’s complex moving and handling requirements. The provision of our tailored care package provided by a team of highly skilled carers that truly understood Jack’s needs meant that he was able to stay in the comfort of his own home and not endure a move, that he absolutely did not want into a clinical care setting away from his beloved wife and much-loved home.

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