Case Study: Colin


Colin has a diagnosis of frontal lobe dementia. When Colin required care at home, the most important aspect of care for Colin was that he had a regular carer who he was able to build a strong relationship with, and have companionship.

He also wanted to be able to share common interests and hobbies, so they could enjoy life together as he had a diverse range of interests.  He is very open and positive about his condition.

Prestige Nursing & Care found a care team that would best meet Colin’s care needs, but would also provide the socialisation he required, whilst offering continuity through an established team of the same carers.   It was also important for the care team to have a strong understanding of Colin’s type of dementia and they completed a knowledge-based training programme prior to the service starting.  A comprehensive, personalised care and support plan was created to guide the carers that included all of Colin’s preferences and wishes on how he lived his life on a day-to-day basis, including a detailed plan of activities he wanted to participate in.  This plan of care meant Colin was able to maintain his independence and his engagement with his local community, with all the support and companionship he needed.

Colin’s overall well-being and quality of life has dramatically improved from the care he has received.

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