What Is Live-in Home Care?

What Exactly Is Live-in Home Care?

If your elderly parent or relative is experiencing difficulty living on their own, you may start to think about the possibility of paying for professional care. However, there are many types of care available, and it may not be immediately apparent what type of care is most suitable for your parent and you.

One of the options you may want to consider is live-in home care. This is an alternative to moving your parent to a care home, and it allows them to enjoy a greater sense of independence by staying in their own home. Here is a guide to what you need to know.

Live-In Care for Your Parent

Live-In care is where a Care Worker physically lives in your parent’s home and is on hand to provide one to one care.  We ensure we select a Care Worker who will bond with your loved one to build trust thus developing a successful professional relationship.  Your parent will be able to enjoy living happily and safely in their own home doing what they would like to do at a time they would like to do it.

What Live-in Care Workers Provide

The exact requirements for Live-In Care Workers are unique to each situation. However, they can include a range of tasks including preparing meals, shopping, bathing, dressing, help going to the bathroom, reminders to take medication, housekeeping, doing hobbies like gardening together, escorting to medical appointments, visiting friends and more. They can also include specialist stoma and Alzheimer’s care if necessary.

In addition, Live-In care involves providing companionship. Many elderly people become lonely living on their own, and having someone to interact with and talk to is so important.

Why Choose Live-in Care?

There are many benefits to Live-In care. One of the primary benefits is that your elderly relative can enjoy greater independence by staying in their home. Being in familiar surroundings can provide a better quality of life because they can stick to their own routine.

The one-to-one care is also ideal because it provides a more personal service. The Care Workers will get to know your parent very well, and they will become familiar with their own routines as well as their likes and dislikes. It allows your parent to enjoy their favourite meal when they want to, or to go out and see a friend at short notice. Overall, it is simply more flexible, and this can provide greater comfort for the person receiving care.

You yourself will also get peace of mind in knowing that a specially trained Care Worker is looking after your elderly relative, and through our Family-Connect-Programme you can easily keep updated with how your family member is responding to the service we provide.

What About the Other Options?

Although Live-In care has many benefits, remember that there are other options as well. At Comfort Keepers, we also provide Respite Care. This is where a Care Worker visits for perhaps just a few hours a week, or as much as you need, so that you can get a break from caring for your relative.

It’s important to consider the needs of your elderly relative as well as your own needs to decide upon the best option for everyone. Remember that we are always happy to talk more about the care options we provide to help you make your decision, so feel free to contact us any time.
You will also get peace of mind in knowing that a specially trained care worker is looking after your elderly relative, making it an ideal situation for many people.

We are here to take your call and will provide impartial support and guidance – contact our friendly care experts today to discuss your care needs.

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