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There’s never been a better time to get into care work than at Christmas. Find all you need to know about caring over the festive season with Prestige Nursing.

In December 2014, research from Age UK showed that over 400,000 elderly people were worried about spending Christmas alone. It’s very concerning that some of the most vulnerable people in society have to spend the festive season without company – especially when you consider that loneliness has been shown to compound some of the issues that elderly adults regularly face. For example, research has suggested that loneliness could accelerate the effects of dementia, with one study suggesting that the rate of cognitive decline could be 20% faster among those who suffer from it.

Christmas is a time for people to come together and show appreciation for one another. It is therefore unfortunate that so many will be excluded from this due to the absence of family and friends. While there is no substitute for spending time with loved ones over the holidays, it is important to highlight the fantastic work that individuals and care organisations carry out over the festive period to make the holidays more inclusive of vulnerable adults. Charities such as Community Christmas and The Rotary Club do an excellent job in this regard.

Working in care at Christmas

Care workers make a huge contribution over the festive period, with the fantastic work that they do to look after the vulnerable and elderly over Christmas. Many workers provide care services on Christmas Day while juggling personal commitments, and are more than happy to do so for the benefits that it brings their clients. One of the most powerful gifts that people can give to others is that of company, and the improvement in the mood for recipients is huge following a visit.

Working in care can provide people with an extremely satisfying and flexible career, with plenty of opportunities for progression on top of the reward that comes from improving peoples’ lives.  As the number of elderly people in the UK continues to increase, the demand for people with the empathy and passion to provide care is growing across the country.  Research from Prestige Nursing shows that half of councils across the country do not have enough care workers to meet the demands of their ageing populations, with an average shortage of 582 hours a month.

Becoming a carer

At Prestige, we have a range of care jobs available at various locations throughout the UK for those looking to pursue careers in care.

Being a carer involves having a number of useful skills, with some of the most important being the ability to listen, be flexible and show a willingness to learn and respond. Good interpersonal skills are also a valuable asset, and the ability to relate to and work well with others – while also working well independently – is vital.

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