Gardening for the elderly

Gardening and the benefits for the elderly

Gardening is widely acknowledged as a great hobby that not only stimulates the mind but the body as well. It can be a great way to get one-to-one with nature and offers an opportunity to enjoy some fresh air combined with a bit of exercise. Nurturing and caring for plants and flowers can also bring joy and a real sense of accomplishment to a person. A wonderful hobby for the elderly, it can help maintain physical agility while also reducing stress, and maintaining health and well-being.

How does gardening assist with well-being for the elderly?

• Gardening can be a meaningful and enjoyable reason to get out and exercise. For those who are interested in it as a hobby, the physical effort required seems to pale in comparison to the many rewards for their labours. Gardening unwittingly strengthens all parts of the body – pruning, picking and digging among the plants can increase fitness levels and heighten motor skills.

• All physical exercise has a beneficial effect on stress and in-turn aids sleep patterns.

• Illnesses such as osteoporosis, back ache and arthritis can be less likely.

• Gardening offers a sense of accomplishment, a visual one experienced throughout the seasons to be enjoyed from indoors and out.

• It can also lead to a renewed interest in diet and offer nutritional value through consumption of produce grown in your own garden beds. Growing your own vegetables ensures a consistent interest in the garden, the food you eat and the money saved on groceries.

Gardening in Worthing and West Sussex

The Chelsea Flower Show is in May and should be a joy for all garden lovers. But don’t forget there are some great gardening clubs and associations in and around Worthing and West Sussex. A good place to start is the Worthing Allotments and Gardens Association. Great information here about gardening and socialising!

An allotment is certainly at one end of the scale, but if you feel that taking on a large bed might be too big a step for your loved one, then why not try a window box full of herbs or save a nice sunny corner of the garden for simple produce such as runner beans, tomatoes or simply cut flowers.

Gardening an independence at home

Promoting gardening to the person in your care can be used as a key step for them to gain greater independence in their home allowing them to make decisions and have something to look forward to in the near future. Why not try adding it as part of your loved one’s routine?

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