Domiciliary Care

With domiciliary care, you or a loved one can receive the support you need to continue thriving independently in your own home. Whether you need a bit of extra help completing day-to-day tasks or would simply enjoy the companionship of weekly home visits, our competent and compassionate carers are available to help you with any activity that allows you to maintain independence and quality of life.

At Prestige Nursing & Care, we have had over 75 years of experience in providing our clients with dedicated support that is completely tailored to their individual care needs. Call us today to discuss how domiciliary care could benefit you – our friendly and approachable team is here to provide impartial advice and guidance.

What is domiciliary care?

Domiciliary care or hourly care is a type of home care assistance that allows you or a loved one to receive care and support at home. It involves a carer visiting your home during certain times of the day and providing support for any aspect of life that allows you to continue living independently in your own home.

Domiciliary care visits can range from 1 hour a week to several visits a day depending on the care required. A carer can help you with a wide variety of everyday tasks including:

  • Sensitive personal care
  • General housekeeping
  • Meal planning and preparation
  • Efficient medication administration
  • Safe mobility at home
  • Nurse-led care
  • Pet care

Who is domiciliary care for?

Domiciliary care is available for people of all ages and walks of life that feel as if they could benefit from extra help at home but do not wish to move into a care home. Our one-to-one domiciliary care is highly flexible and can be tailored to meet your own unique care needs. You may require support only a few times a week or multiple times a day. Either way, domiciliary care can be tailored to suit your care needs, preferences and lifestyle.

When is domiciliary care suitable?

Domiciliary care is suitable for anyone that requires a bit of extra support at home to continue living life independently. Domiciliary care can be provided for those with varying needs from companionship right up to nurse-led care for complex healthcare needs. Domiciliary care can also help with recovery, rehabilitation and convalescence after surgery or illness.


  • Hourly care – Hourly care at home can be provided from a one-hour visit to as many hours/visits as you require throughout the day or week depending on your care and support needs.
  • Respite care – Respite care allows a family carer to take a break from their usual caring duties whilst enjoying peace of mind knowing their loved one is being well looked after by one of our expert carers. Respite care is flexible and can be used to see how a home care service works in practice before committing to a more permanent arrangement.
  • Companionship care – Our carers can drop by throughout the week to provide you with companionship and company. From giving you a hand with your weekly shopping to facilitating social visits or simply providing a listening and sympathetic ear, our dedicated carers are there to help you lead the life you want to live.
  • 24-hour care – If you have ongoing care needs or require nurse-led care for a complex condition, we can arrange for 24-hour care. A small team of reliable carers will care for you on a rotation to ensure you get the right care, at the right time.

Benefits of choosing domiciliary care over a care home

While care homes can provide a safe and supportive environment for people with care needs, there is nothing quite like the comfort and familiarity of home. When people are faced with long-term care requirements, most prefer to stay in their treasured home to receive the care they need.

Here are some of the benefits of choosing domiciliary care over a care home:

  • Receive a level of highly-tailored and dedicated support that is difficult to achieve in a care home setting.
  • Maintain your lifestyle and daily routines without worrying about the rigid timetables and rules of a care home.
  • Avoid the potential stress of selling your treasured family home and possessions.
  • Couples can continue living together as a loving couple – in many care homes, couples are not allowed to share a room.
  • Continue living with your beloved pets.
  • Family and friends will enjoy peace of mind knowing that you are receiving the care you need in your own home.
  • Depending on the levels of care you require, receiving domiciliary care at home may be a cost-effective solution when compared to a care home’s weekly fees.

How much does domiciliary care cost?

The cost of domiciliary care is always based on the levels of care and support you need, with the overall cost being determined by the number and frequency of visits to your home. At Prestige Nursing & Care, we conduct a comprehensive assessment of your needs to accurately assess how much home care will cost.

Your local authority may be able to pay for some, or all, of your home care requirements. To determine if you are eligible for social care funding, you will need to undergo a care needs assessment. If you will be self-funding home care, you still may be eligible for benefits that can be used to contribute to the cost of your domiciliary care such as  Attendance Allowance and Disability Live Allowance.

Domiciliary care services from Prestige

For over 75 years, Prestige Nursing & Care has been trusted by our clients to provide compassionate and bespoke home care across England and Scotland. Our dedicated care is highly-personalised and will be tailored to meet your unique care needs while improving your quality of life and enhancing your well-being.

We offer a variety of flexible domiciliary care services that can evolve as your care needs change. Care can be provided for as little as 1 hour a day up to as many hours / visits you need throughout the week. With the help of our skilled carers, you can continue to live life your way while benefiting from one-to-one dedicated support.

For those with complex care needs, we can provide care 24 hours a day. If you are living with a condition such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s disease or other dementias that limit your ability to live independently at home, condition-led care is also available.



We are providing care and support to those needing cancer care in over 30 locations in the heart of communities across England and Scotland.  The fully managed service we provide is highly responsive and our experts local to you can put care packages in place quickly, working in collaboration with local healthcare professionals, multidisciplinary teams, therapeutic care providers and other community support services.  We know this holistic approach ensures our clients get the best out of life, for all of life.

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