How to get into paediatric nursing

Looking for a career in paediatric nursing? Find out more about caring for children, and search for local vacancies with Prestige Nursing + Care.

We are a leading provider of opportunities for people to work in the care industry with a large range of roles on offer, including jobs as a paediatric nurse. But what does the role involve and how can you get into paediatric nursing?

What is paediatric nursing?

Paediatric nursing involves working with children of all ages who suffer from a huge range of conditions or illnesses. Paediatric nurses assess children’s care needs by considering a huge number of factors, including their medical, social, cultural, and family circumstances. They support and care for children and young people, and work together with their families as well as with other healthcare professionals. Paediatric care can be provided in a variety of settings, including homecare, hospitals, schools, and residential care homes.

Caring for children can be a very rewarding and flexible job. We offer opportunities for full and part-time work, which makes it easy to fit into your daily schedule and any other commitments you have.

What are the responsibilities of a paediatric nurse?

As demonstrated by one of our own paediatric nurses, there is huge scope and variety within the role of caring for children. This can include looking after children or young people with learning difficulties, special needs or challenging behaviour, or those with severe brain damage who require a much greater level of assistance.

Paediatric nurses play an invaluable role in assessing a child’s needs before taking charge in delivering their care. Care may occur in hospital, the patient’s home and the wider community.

Responsibilities also include; preparing patients for operations and procedures; recording and monitoring pulse, temperature and respiration; assisting with tests and evaluations; in some cases responding quickly to emergencies; explaining treatment and procedures to family members; writing reports and updating records.

Paediatric nursing skills

Communication skills are a definite requirement. It is paramount that you are able to communicate with and answer questions from both the child and their parents. A key part of the role is also liaising and communicating with other healthcare professionals to ensure consistent care.

Paediatric nurses also need to be adaptable, dealing with a range of conditions and illness. Empathy is also key for dealing with challenging situations, made all the more difficult when those that can be seriously ill are only young. But the reward and job satisfaction can also be fantastic.

How to get into paediatric nursing

To become a paediatric nurse you first need to have a degree in pre-registration nursing in which you can specialise in paediatrics. During your time as a nurse you can also take continuing education courses to specialise in paediatrics, and professional development is also recommended to enhance your skills.

Entry without a degree is also possible if you wish to become a healthcare assistant. Please get in touch for more details.

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