Caring for a child with a severe physical neurological and physical disabilities

Jack has an unknown, but severe, neurological condition. He requires round-the-clock care; his mother Vicky was recommended Prestige Nursing+Care (Doncaster) to provide care and support to Jack and his family. Read their story here.

Jack has an unknown, but severe neurological condition.

The eight-year-old has complex medical needs that include, Supra Nuclear Palsy, Balbar Palsy, scoliosis of the spine, global developmental delay, hiatus hernia, fundoplication, micronutrients, gastrostomy and a specialist tracheostomy.

He has had numerous hospital admissions throughout his life and is such a fighter. He has almost died on numerous occasions over the years and his parents have held him whilst they said their goodbyes.

Jack’s mum Vicky is his main carer but as he requires around-the clock care, this was putting a tremendous strain on her. When Jack is asleep he is connected to a machine which monitors his breathing and every four hours his trachea needs to be replaced.

Vicky was recommended Prestige Nursing + Care (Doncaster) and after doing some of her own research she asked us to begin providing support to Jack.

We put together a comprehensive package of care which involves three members of staff providing care in Jack’s home, on a shift basis, during the day and four nights a week, which even though she is still around, allows Vicky to get some much-needed rest.

A further two carers also go on the bus with him to school and stay with him throughout the day, before bringing him home. The care we provide to Jack ranges from personal care, through to changing his trachea and taking him to the activities he enjoys, such as bowling and messy play.

Given Jack’s varied needs our staff underwent specialist complex care training to prepare them for all eventualities

Vicky is still very much hands-on with Jack’s care, but having the care team at Prestige has taken some of the strain off her and she describes the support we provide as “fantastic”.

Vicky now has peace of mind that Jack is receiving the best possible care and despite all his problems, he continues to show great strength, courage and bravery, capturing the hearts of everyone who comes into his life.

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