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Clinical care at home is a specialised form of one-to-one care that enables people living with complex health conditions or unique care needs to live well in their own homes. Unlike other forms of care, clinical care relies on the expertise of specially trained carers and often requires the use of specialised medical equipment.

For over 75 years, Prestige Nursing & Care has provided high-quality clinical care at home to people from all walks of life. Our clients, their families, commissioning groups and Case Managers nationwide trust us to provide skilled clinical care focused on improving health and overall well-being – and all in the place people love best – their own homes.


Clinical care is a form of one-to-one nursing care designed to support people living with complex or long-term health conditions or physical disabilities. People living with health conditions like Multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, cancer or stroke often need specialist support to effectively manage their symptoms, improve their well-being and maintain their quality of life. 

Clinical care differs from other forms of care in that it often involves specialised equipment and home adaptations such as PEG feeding, ventilators, colostomy bags and BiPAP machines. In order to provide such specialised support, carers must be expertly trained and experienced in clinical care tasks. 


Our complex care is nurse-led and our care teams are trained in the clinical skills required to provide care and support for complex, terminal and other medical conditions. They are supported by an experienced and dedicated registered nurse who undertakes regular competency assessments and provides clinical monitoring, supervision and support.

With this leadership and oversight, carers can perform many delegated healthcare tasks and clinical interventions at home, removing reliance on community district nursing teams, including:


  • Oxygen delivery and suctioning
  • Cough assist working in partnership with physiotherapists
  • Tracheostomy management
  • Non-invasive Positive Pressure Ventilation (NIPPV) via masks – CPAP/BiPAP
  • Invasive ventilation via machines – Nippy


  • NGT/PEG/gastrostomy management
  • Continuous/intermittent pump feeding
  • Elimination and Toileting
  • Catheter care
  • Stoma care


  • Skin integrity and pressure area care
  • Assistance with mobility aides to encourage safe moving and handling


At Prestige Nursing & Care, we have developed strong relationships with many CCGs that are based on a shared goal of securing the right funded care package for our clients. This enables our clients to get the right care, at the right time.

We are a trusted partner of Case Managers, working in collaboration to create highly personalised and outcome-based complex care packages that are focused on improving quality of life, for all of life.

We understand that Case Managers are looking for a professional, safe, reliable and effective clinical approach to providing care and support. Clinical excellence is at the heart of what we do at Prestige Nursing & Care. Our experienced nursing teams and expertly trained carers enable clients to live well at home with improved health outcomes. This means our clients experience fewer falls, infections and unnecessary hospital admissions. 

Our core belief is that anyone, no matter what their age, should be able to receive high-quality, expert nurse-led care at home as opposed to having to spend prolonged periods of time in an acute or specialist care setting to get the complex care they need.



Unlike many other nursing care agencies, clinical excellence is at the heart of our culture and how we deliver exceptional care.

Our Director of Quality, Compliance & Risk ensures we deliver high-quality home care services through all Prestige nursing teams. This involves ensuring all services are safe and effective and delivering the best possible care experience to clients and their families whilst supporting our professional partners.

Our nurses hold certifications in a diverse range of specialisms, including:

  • General adult nursing
  • Learning and disability nursing
  • Mental health nursing
  • Children’s nursing


Working closely with our professional partners, our clients and their families, our team can plan and deliver safe and effective complex care. We are experienced in identifying specific care needs, monitoring changes and planning the most appropriate care provisions whilst ensuring all our carers have the skills they need to deliver high standards of nursing care.

Through our existing partnerships with Case Managers, we know that clinical excellence provides reassurance, drives efficiency, and delivers best-practice clinical care to those we care for. Our nursing teams are experienced in providing high levels of accurate reporting, saving you valuable resources and ensuring continuity of care.

We also work collaboratively with other healthcare professionals, multidisciplinary teams, therapy providers and community support services involved in our client’s care to ensure an integrated and holistic approach to our nursing care. The level of care provided is planned in partnership with all health professionals involved in a client’s care; as we know through experience this ensures goals are reached and outcomes are improved.


Our dedicated carers are experienced and expertly trained to provide the specific clinical care and support required by people with complex care needs.

All carers providing complex care packages have at least six months of care or health sector experience. We adopt a bespoke and ongoing approach to training that ensures our carers have the knowledge, skills and aptitude to deliver high-quality complex care that meets the very specific needs of our clients. Through our unrivalled supervision and clinical oversight, carers can adapt their approach and evolve the care they provide to meet changing needs.

Our competent carers can deliver clinical interventions that negate the need to rely on community district nursing teams. This allows them to work efficiently and to achieve more in less time, providing funding savings back to our commissioning partners.



If you are living with a complex health condition that impacts your life, you may be entitled to Continuing Healthcare funding (CHC), a form of funding entirely managed and funded by the NHS. While CHC funding does not consider your financial circumstances, the qualification criteria are strict.

To be eligible for continuing healthcare funding, a team of healthcare professionals must assess you. You will have to go through a two-step assessment. The first step is completing the initial checklist assessment. 

This checklist can be completed by a nurse, doctor, other healthcare professionals or social workers. After this assessment, you will be told if you are eligible for a full assessment or do not meet the full criteria. 

The next stage is the full assessment. A comprehensive assessment tool known as the Decision Support Tool (DST) is used to gather detailed information about your health condition, care needs, and the level of support you require on a daily basis. Through a series of thorough evaluations and discussions, healthcare professionals use the DST to assess various aspects of your physical, emotional, and cognitive well-being to determine your care and support needs. 

Once the DST is completed, a multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals, social workers, and representatives from your Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) will review the information. This team will evaluate your needs based on a set of predetermined criteria established by the NHS. 


We provide clinical care in over 30 locations in the heart of communities across England and Scotland. Our fully managed service is highly responsive and our experts local to you can put care packages in place quickly, often within 24 hours. 

Call us to arrange a free home assessment. A member of our friendly team will visit you at home to discuss your clinical care needs and how we can support them. 

Find out why our clients choose Prestige Nursing & Care for a high-quality, responsive clinical care service.

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