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Celebrating Carers Week 2017

Barbara’s story highlights the difficulty of juggling work and being a carer.

Barbara & Sarah’s story…

‘Sarah will be 28 soon. She has a very rare syndrome that effects only females and when she was born we were told not to expect her to have many years at all, and so the fact that she has reached this age is a miracle and wonderful and it has only been possible because of the support that I have received to help me care for her. She needs 24hr support. She has a lot of challenges and a lot of health concerns. And it really isn’t possible as a parent to keep going 24-7, you need to go to sleep at some times and so her care package has been built up over time largely because her health concerns have become quite serious at times.’

‘I was a single parent for many years and did not have anything like the support that were now able to have. And so I know what it was like to run a fulltime job care for Sarah multiple hours a day, barley sleep at night. And that you can do for a certain amount of time and I indeed did that for over twenty years. There was going to come a time when this would all break down. My husband and I realised that building a life for Sarah had to be our number one priority.’

‘Now that we have the support it takes away a vast amount of the pressure and provides us the opportunities to have a life. It’s only in the last 18 months that I’ve been able to spontaneously say, let’s go out. Or let’s go to the shop. It’s only recently that any level of spontaneity has come back into our lives.’
- Barbara