Prestige Nursing & Care provides high-quality, personalised and expert home care services for every stage of life that evolve with the changing needs of those we care for.  Our comprehensive range of services provided by highly trained compassionate carers, registered nurses and clinical experts, ensures our clients receive the right kind of care at the right time, all delivered right at home.  By combining the range of care services and skills of Prestige Nursing & Care and The Good Care Group, we can meet a client’s needs at every stage of their life.

For over 75 years we have been trusted by our clients, and their families to provide competent and compassionate care that is focused on improving health and overall well-being – all in the safety and comfort of the place people love most, their own home.

We care for babies and children who require specialist paediatric care, adults living with life-limiting and complex conditions and older people, and couples who need care and support with daily living.  Our established and accredited service means generations people can live more independently with an improved quality of life, for all of life.

There are many compelling reasons why our clients and professionals involved in procuring specialist home care are reassured when they choose Prestige Nursing & Care:

Expert nurse-led care

Our nurse-led care enables people living with any complex condition to live well in their own home with improved health outcomes.  Our highly trained professional teams are supported by clinical experts and registered nurses, who provide unrivalled monitoring and supervision to ensure the clinical care provided exceeds the very highest standards. We adopt a holistic, responsive and flexible approach to care and support planning, ensuring plans are tailored to not just to meet an individual’s everyday care needs, but enhance everyday life.

Services that evolve with changing needs

We continually assess our clients’ needs to ensure the service we provide offers the right level of care and support, at the right time.  Our broad range of home care services includes hourly care for those that require support at times during the day and night, a respite care service that  allows a family carer to take a much-needed break through to live-in care for when a 24-hour permanent package of care is needed.   We provide everything from support with personal care, domestic tasks and socialisation through to nurse-led care, rehabilitation and care for those living with complex conditions, right through to sensitive and compassionate palliative and end-of-life care.

Specialist care of complex conditions

Our expertly trained and experienced teams have the skills and experience to deliver high-quality care of complex conditions that impact an individual’s ability to live an independent life.  Whether we are supporting a child’s development who is living with spina bifida, or an adult with muscular dystrophy or an older person living with dementia, our care has been trusted by thousands of families up and down the country.  Our service allows people to live the best possible life, for all of life providing peace of mind and reassurance at a time you need it most.

Highly trained, competent and compassionate carers

People are at the heart of everything we do.  We know how important it is for you to have a carer that truly understands your needs, not just your care needs but your emotional, psychological and well-being needs too. We take time to make sure that that the carer that cares for you is trained to support your specific condition, but is also aligned to how you wish to live your life, so you can have an enhanced and fulfilled life.  They will adopt a compassionate approach to care that considers not just the person receiving care but all the family, as we know through our experience how valuable this support is for everyone.

Collaborating and partnering to care for you

We work in partnership with healthcare professionals, case managers, families and personal injury lawyers to ensure we have an in-depth understanding of a clients’ needs.  Our expert clinical teams will conduct a professional assessment of needs and assign the best team of competent and compassionate carers to meet those needs.  Our care teams are supported by a care manager and experienced nursing team at a local level to ensure on-going monitoring, clinical oversight and support of the service we provide , communicating progress so you can be reassured that your client or loved one is in the safest hands, receiving the highest quality care.

Responsive local teams with nationwide coverage

We are providing care and support in over 30 locations in the heart of communities across England and Scotland.  The fully managed service we provide is highly responsive and our experts local to you can put care packages in place quickly, working in collaboration with local healthcare professionals, multidisciplinary teams, therapeutic care providers and other community support services.  We know this holistic approach ensures our clients get the best out of life, for all of life.

Quality assurance through regulated care provision

Prestige Nursing & Care is not an agency.  Unlike a home care agency, we provide a fully regulated home care service, which means our clients, their families and our professional partners can be assured that the care and support we provide is of the very highest quality.   Our service is inspected by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) in England and the Scottish Care Inspectorate (SCI) in Scotland.  We are proud that 96% of our inspected services have been rated as providing a ‘Good’ service, with 4% rated ‘Outstanding’ and our services in Scotland have a five-star rating.  Our accredited service for complex care, which meets local and national quality standards and ensures a consistent approach to the care we provide, provides peace of mind and reassurance that our service if of the highest quality.

We are here to take your call and will provide impartial support and guidance – contact our friendly care experts today to discuss your nurse-led care needs.

0808 239 1525

What are the alternatives to care homes?

What are the alternatives to care homes?

If you or a loved one require extra care and support to live independently, it’s important to know that there are alternative options available to care homes. An increasingly popular option is to receive professional care and support in your own home. At-home care can provide you with the support you need to thrive independently while allowing you to remain in the comfort and familiarity of home. 

At Prestige Nursing & Care, we understand that every individual has unique needs and preferences when it comes to care. With over 75 years of experience in the care sector, we have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in providing high-quality care that is compassionate, reliable, and professional….

What are the qualities of a good carer?

What are the qualities of a good carer?

At Prestige Nursing & Care, we are proud of the exceptional care professionals that are part of our team. The carers we hire are not only experienced and qualified, but they all possess certain qualities that make them competent and dedicated carers.

If you’re curious about a career in care and wondering what carer qualities and skills you should have, here you can learn more about the qualities we look for when hiring our own carers….

Carer interview questions

Carer interview questions

When you apply for a position in the care services sector, you can expect to be asked a wide range of interview questions. Caring for older or vulnerable people is a big responsibility, so employers want to ensure you have the right skills and attributes.

We have put together some examples of carer interview questions to help you feel more prepared for your next social care interview. While we’ve included some typical responses that we would look for when hiring our own carers at Prestige Nursing & Care, you should always draw your answers from your own experience….

How is medication recorded by a home carer?

How is medication recorded by a home carer?

Since many older adults take one or more medications daily, it can be easy for a mix-up to happen. When it comes to older adults, medication management is especially important for improving their quality of life and preventing unpleasant side effects or overmedication.

A MAR chart is a tool that carers use to record the administration of medicine. By keeping accurate and up-to-date medication records, a MAR chart will help keep your loved ones safe….

How to get a job as a carer

How to get a job as a carer

Are you interested in starting a new career as a home carer? As the ageing population in the UK continues to grow, demand for new carers is only expected to rise. There is no better time to consider a rewarding career in the care sector!

From where to apply for carer jobs to guidance on the application process, here is everything you need to know on how to get a job as a carer in the UK….

The best clocks for people with dementia

The best clocks for people with dementia

Losing track of time is a common symptom of dementia. Not only can this be confusing and distressing for people with dementia, but it can also lead to problems such as forgotten meals, missed appointments or medication mismanagement.

Dementia-friendly clocks are a useful tool that can help people with dementia or memory loss keep track of time. These clocks and watches are user-friendly by design and include features like large, LED displays, easily visible fonts and voice-activated alarms. These features help people with dementia keep track of the time and date….

What is vascular dementia?

What is vascular dementia?

Vascular dementia is the second most common form of dementia. It is caused by damaged blood cells which reduce blood flow to the brain. According to Alzheimer’s UK, over 150,000 people are living with vascular dementia in the UK.

Here you can learn more about vascular dementia and how our specialist dementia care services can support people living with dementia and their families….