Skill development at Comfort Keepers Worthing as a carer

At Comfort Keepers Worthing, our care workers receive the support and training they need to provide clients the support they need while ensuring our high quality standards are met. Each care worker is given a mandatory induction training which is paid for after having worked a minimum of 30 hours with us. Specialist training in Dementia Awareness is available as well.

In addition to our mandatory induction training, we have a focus on the importance of nutrition. Achieving or maintaining a healthy diet is key to ensuring the well-being of an older person – perhaps it’s helping them in preparing a healthy meal, in accompanying them during mealtimes or even going out to shop for their favourite foods to begin with to ensure they eat what is prepared.

Empathy with the older person is also important to learn and practice. During our training, you experience how it feels to be in a wheelchair, you learn what it is like to have limited vision, you understand how it feels to have sore feet and stiff fingers. All of these skills and experience are important to working well with a client – you can better relate and understand them.

The clients that you would care for are a diverse mix of older people with varying needs. Our services range from day-to-day care needs and live-in care to end-of-life home care services. As a care worker with us, you would also have the possibility of assisting our clients that have just come home from hospital and help in re-abling them after a surgery or other medical intervention.

As a Comfort Keepers care worker, you also play an active role in caring for older people. With our Family-Connect-Programme, you are given the opportunity to fully engage in the services rather than to simply deliver them. For each client, you contribute and provide feedback that can be seen by the family, something that is invaluable to our clients.

At Comfort Keepers, we support our care workers by being flexible and recognizing the work they do – we don’t take people for granted.

We also have Live-In Care Worker and other positions available. Contact us for more details on 01903 691762 or email