Nutrition & Hydration

Nutrition for all of our clients

Balanced nutrition leads to a healthier life

We all need to eat healthily in order to live a long, active and happy life. Attention to good eating and our 5 a day is likely to mean we are stronger both physically, spiritually and mentally. This is even more important for our elderly community.

As we get older, our ability to ward off disease and our capacity to function and deal with life’s ups and downs is not so robust. Whereas healthy eating leads to well-being, vibrancy and an active mind, poor nutrition can be dangerous in that it weakens us when dealing with daily issues and leaves us vulnerable to illness.

How Prestige can help

  • Accompanying/shopping for your loved one
  • Cooking/helping with preparation of food and exploring new exciting nutritious recipes
  • Companionship at mealtimes as this can so often stimulate the appetite.

Good eating is good medicine. Our approach is designed to help our care assistants to guide and assist older people in eating a nutrient-rich diet that promotes good health.

We can be there throughout the whole decision making, food shopping, meal preparation and eating process. 

We are here to help. Call to talk to one of our consultants on 0808 239 1525 or fill in our simple to use web form.