Homecare & support services for learning disabilities

At Prestige Nursing + Care we believe that everyone with a learning disability can lead a full and happy life with the right support, which is tailored to their individual needs.

A learning disability refers to a reduction in intellectual ability , which means learning new skills, engaging with other people or understanding complex information can be difficult without specialist support. Our Prestige Care Team can support disabilities such as Down’s Syndrome and autism.

Learning disabilities will vary in severity; some people will have a learning disability and be capable of having a job and living independently; other people may have a severe intellectual impairment and require round the clock support; some may have additional physical disabilities or mental health conditions.

Every Prestige Nursing + Care support programme has 4 aims:

  • A full and happy life close to home
  • A choice about the type of support we provide
  • Assistance with where you live and in what type of accommodation
  • Active social and leisure activities, including learning new skills and hobbies

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Our Approach to Learning Disabilities Care

We follow the agenda originally set by the UK Government’s Valuing People Now agenda to ensure that we deliver the highest quality support plans for you, and your loved one.

At Prestige Nursing + Care our support team have a background in assisting people with a learning disability. Our focus is to enable ability and help anyone with a learning disability lead a full and happy life either independently, sheltered accommodation or at home with their wider family.

Our support services have 4 core aims:

  1. Help you, or your loved one, lead a full and purposeful life in your community
  2. Enable you to have as much control over the support you receive as possible
  3. Give you, or your loved one and wider family, options over how we can assist with where and how you live
  4. Help you experience life from social activities, leisure activities or learning new skills and hobbies

Our support plans are tailored carefully to help meets these aims and we work collaboratively with your community, local authority and NHS support network to deliver the best possible experience we can for you.

Our Disabilities Care Team

Our highly trained, specialist support team members are fully DBS-checked and screened to work with anyone of any age who has a learning disability. We are highly selective about the nurses and support team members we employ, who we monitor continuously. Each of our branches is CQC registered and works closely with the local authority and NHS teams in GP practices, community health and other specialist treatment units.

We will help you, and your loved one, understand the types of support package which are available and how to arrange financial assistance. Out advice is impartial and free of charge and there is no obligation to use Prestige’s learning disabilities support services.