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Daily routine of a carer, is it for you?

What is a typical day in the life of a Care Worker at Comfort Keepers? Being a care worker involves being out and about in the local community. You could be seeing a number of clients a day, but with a minimum stay of at least 1 hour with any given client. Having a 1-hour visit minimum allows our care workers to spend more time with the client and thus provide a higher level of service.

During your time with a client, you must be able to think on your feet and be very aware of how the client is doing and the surrounding environment. Caring for an older person can involve unexpected changes and events, it’s necessary to know how to act in each situation and to make decisions in a timely manner. Depending on the client, you could be caring for someone who is heavily reliant on you and it’s important to be aware of any possible changes in the client’s overall well being and environment. In addition, clients will often require assistance with personal care, such as bathing or toileting. You need to be confident in helping with all areas of personal care.


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To ensure the client is engaged in the care as much as possible, you will be supporting clients in doing things with them rather than necessarily for them. Leaving room for autonomy to the client when possible allows for a sense of independence as an individual and can help in maintaining a sense of self. As client’s needs often do change, it’s important to remain flexible and open-minded and to be able to multi-task. Flexibility also means being willing to move a client visit should the client’s need dictate a change.

Life as a care worker may be hard work, but it’s definitely a fulfilling experience.

Contact us on 01903 691762 for more information about being a Care Worker with Comfort Keepers® in West Sussex, or apply directly online now.

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