Elderly Care Decision Guide

Elderly Home Care Services Decision Guide

At Prestige Nursing + Care we understand that choosing when to engage with a homecare agency is a big decision. Our simple checklist may help you decide if now is the right time to contact a homecare agency, or if you need to speak to someone find our further impartial advice.

What kind of care is needed?How can home care help?When should we start home care? What kind of care is needed?Home care services provide personal care (washing, dressing, toilet assistance), assistance with meal preparation, eating and drinking as well as help around the home such as cleaning, ironing and the laundry. In addition we can assist with food shopping as well as helping out with accompanying clients to appointments / social engagements. We can even ensure clients have a visit from their regular Care Assistant should they have to go into hospital. Our Care options page will give you more insight into what services are available. Please feel free to chat with one of our care experts.How can home care help

We have found that assistance in the home is often the first option that families prefer for the following reasons:

The home environment will naturally hold precious memories. To have to move away may cause emotional stress and feelings of loss where it is not warranted.Your family member will no doubt be more independent within their own home because they know and understand it better than any other environment.Remaining within one’s home allows for a greater sense of independence in itself.Your loved one will be able to remain in the wider social circle of where his/her home is situated.Moving to a new home is one of the most stressful projects for anyone of any age. For the whole family it can be a very complex and emotional time.When should we start home care services?

Of course everyone is individual and our services are flexible enough to meet varying levels of need. The following points below may help you decide whether now is the right time or if you need further advice.

Starting home care sooner rather than later can help prevent your loved one from needing a high level of care. Earlier intervention can often help prevent deterioration.Having home care in your loved one’s home will give you the peace of mind that falls and potential accidents will be kept to a minimum.Having a care assistant in the home can help to avoid hospital admissions. Our care team members are trained to be aware of all eventualities. A trained eye at the right time can often prevent a crisis.Sometimes caring for a close family member can escalate very quickly. Before long your own life can be inadvertently disrupted. In trying to stretch yourself to cover caring you risk not giving your loved one the best quality care available. Getting assistance from a home care provider will provide some respite care to make things more manageable.A home care assistant can offer peace of mind and release a lot of tension which often builds up when an elderly family member needs extra care.

We can make the decision process easier, speak to one of our care experts today. Please contact us  today.