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Temporary health and social care jobs

A tough job. But one that matters.

As anyone in the industry knows, health and social care jobs are tough. There are certainly easier ways of making a living, but despite this, nursing and care jobs are some of the most rewarding jobs around. You become an important person in your clients’ lives. They rely on you, and look forward to seeing you. You make a difference to their lives.

He’s not just another client. You’re not just another member.

Every client is different, with their own needs, quirks and foibles. And by the same token, every member is different. We take great pride in knowing you really well, and making sure you’re getting the work, training and support that you want and need.

Temporary nursing jobs and care roles

Our temporary nursing and care jobs benefit from weekly pay and attractive hourly pay rates, as well as all the flexibility and variety that temping brings. In addition, Prestige members can participate in the Prestige Nursing + Care Member Advantages Scheme, which allows you to save money with a number of the UK’s leading retailers.

Who sets your hours? You do.

We understand that you have commitments that you need to work around, as well as simply preferring to work more or fewer hours. We’ll do our very best to offer you all the hours you want, at the times you want them.

Training that’s not just about ticking boxes.

If you are accepted as a Prestige member, we’ll make sure you are completely confident and prepared for the roles ahead. Our training incorporates e-learning which you can do at home at your own pace, along with high quality hands-on classroom training.

If you are completely new to the sector, we offer Introduction to Care courses, which incorporate the essential training for entry-level health and social care jobs. To find out more, contact us.

Always there for you.

Whether it’s giving you the information you need to handle an unexpected situation, or just a word of reassurance, we’re only a phone call away. With Prestige Nursing + Care, you can count on getting the support you need.

You don’t want to stand still. Here’s how you’ll keep progressing.

Just because you’re working on a temporary basis, it doesn’t mean you don’t want to progress. At Prestige Nursing + Care, we’ll discuss with you how you want your skills to develop, and tailor a training and career development programme to get you where you want to go.

At Prestige Nursing, we offer a wide variety of temporary nursing jobs and care jobs. To find a suitable vacancy near you, check out our Temporary Job Finder.

If you have any further queries about health and social care careers with Prestige, please contact us and we’ll be happy to put your mind at rest. Alternatively, you can take a look at our list of frequently asked questions.

Hear from our members first-hand

“They’re very understanding of what hours you can cover”
- Joanne Smith, Leeds

“Prestige is the best company I’ve ever worked for”
- Pauline Bonnet, York