Marija – Carer in Bath

“Prestige Nursing & Care is an exceptional company, providing care to the highest standards. Using evidence-based practice and following the necessary guidelines, the carers are able to provide person-centred care in a respectful and dedicated manner. Safety and well-being of their clients is paramount at all times – peace of mind for everyone.”

Eniko – Carer in Bristol

“The team at Prestige Nursing & Care in Bristol have always been very helpful, flexible, proactive and professional. They also support me with my development and provide excellent training, which I really appreciate. The training provided by the Prestige nursing team has enabled me to learn new and interesting skills. It is important to me that after training that I have learnt something new, as I find this so motivating.”

Sam – Carer in Chingford

“I feel very supported by the team at Prestige Nursing & Care in Chingford. I am very happy and proud to work for Prestige and look forward to my future with them.”

Jake – Carer in Derby

“You do things so differently to other care providers. The nursing team have been wonderful mentors and I have learnt so much working alongside them. The branch team is also very impressive and have clearly picked the best carers.”

Paula – Field Care Supervisor in East Sussex

“I found the training was very good and it gave me more confidence. When I joined Prestige Nursing & Care in 2013 I absolutely loved it and wanted to progress my career further in care.  With training and support I passed my NVQ which boosted my confidence immensely.  I am now a Field Care Supervisor in East Sussex.  I would never have got this far without the support from the management team in who have supported me to achieve my goals. I am truly grateful.”