Homecare & support services for Brain Injury & Neurological Conditions

Caring for and supporting someone with a brain injury or neurological condition can require round the clock care and an understanding of very complex needs and demands. At Prestige Nursing + Care we specialise in working with case managers whose role it is to commission a package of care and support services to help assist and care for you, or a loved one, on a daily basis. This can be 24 hour live-in care, or a visit programme tailored to support rehabilitation.

Highly-skilled care is frequently required to support a number of clinical, therapeutic and community healthcare professionals, from consultant neurologist to physiotherapist, speech and language therapist and members of a community healthcare team.

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Customised neurological care programme with our highly skilled team

Prestige Nursing + Care’s team of nurses and care assistants are highly trained in supporting people with brain and spinal injuries, and neurological conditions. We work closely with case managers and your existing NHS consultant, GP and community nursing team to build care and support plans that are tailored to you, or a loved one’s needs, and which are designed to improve your daily life at home.

Prestige Nursing + Care is a member of Headway, the brain injury charity, and runs a number of joint training programmes on acquired brain injury and spinal injuries, the Spinal Injury Association, and The British Association of Brain Injury Case Managers.

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Our approach: Case management for neurological conditions and brain and spinal injuries

Case management is a term that describes the intensive support plans that are put in place across a number of health care and medical departments for a person who has suffered a brain or spinal injury, or who has been diagnosed with a neurological conditions, such as cerebral palsy.

Putting a case management support plan in place requires an in-depth assessment of you, or a loved one’s needs which is then reviewed and discussed across a diverse team of healthcare and medical professionals. A case manager is appointed for you, or your loved one who plans and coordinates the level of support and care that is needed. This support will include financial assistance.

Prestige Nursing + Care is a core part of the case management team and provides homecare support that is tailored for you. Our aim is to help you, or your loved one, retain the ability to live at home independently and to support rehabilitation therapies and psychological help to build confidence and self-esteem. We work closely with your Case Manager and regularly report and review our care plans and visits.

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