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Autism awareness

April marks Autism Awareness Month, a month to increase awareness and acceptance of autism as well as share stories and spread support.

What is Autism?

Autism, also known as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) affects the development of the brain which affects how people communicate and interact with people around them.

How is Autism Diagnosed?

The characteristics of autism usually show up before/around the age of two, but it is also common for ASD to be diagnosed later in life. Early diagnosis can help a child get the right support during the important developmental years. There is no test for autism but there are assessments to identify traits, for adults these include behavioural assessments, questionnaires etc. For children, assessments may include observing the interaction between you and your child and asking questions about your child’s development.

Autism Is not curable, but there are some ways to make living with ASD easier, including therapies (e.g., occupational and sensory integration therapy).

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Here are our tips on how to support people with Autism to help process information and communicate

  • Use simple language and be clear.
  • Allow extra time for processing and understanding information.
  • Break down large chunks of information so it is easier to understand.
  • People with autism may find reading black writing on white paper difficult so use different coloured paper instead.
  • When asking a question, where possible give them options to choose from to reduce anxiety.

Support services/apps for adults:

  • The brain in hand app – this is for people who need help/assistance with remembering pieces of information, managing anxiety or making decisions and is a popular tool used by people with autism.

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