The top 8 bathing aids to make everyday tasks easier

For people with mobility or frailty concerns, the bathroom can be an intimidating or even dangerous place. Slips and falls are unfortunately common in the bathroom, leading many people to lose confidence in their ability to take care of their usual personal care routines.

Bathing and bathroom aids are useful tools that can help people regain their confidence and maintain their independence. There are a number of different types of bathing aids available and each is designed to make using the bathroom more safe, comfortable and convenient.

We have put together this simple guide highlighting 8 bathing aids for older people and people living with disabilities that can help you or a loved one use the bathroom safely.

What Are Bathing Aids?

Bathing or bathroom aids are tools and equipment designed to help people use the bath or shower safely and independently. There are many different types of bathing aids all with different functions but their goal is always the same – to provide physical support and peace of mind to someone with mobility or frailty concerns that may not otherwise be able to take care of their personal routines safely.

Bathrooms can be inherently dangerous due to the number of slip and fall hazards within them. This can make bathing and showering difficult for someone with mobility concerns or a fear of falling. Bathing and bathroom aids can make all the difference to someone that wants to keep living at home independently but requires a bit of extra support to keep up with their personal care routines.

The bathing aid you choose should depend on your reasons for purchasing it and whether you prefer the bath or shower. From non-slip mats to shower stools or simple grab rails, there are a variety of options available to suit your needs.

The Top 8 Bathing and Bathroom Aids

Here is a guide to some of the most popular bathing and bathroom aids available. We recommend doing your research carefully before purchasing and always having a professional or a loved one check the installation of your new product before using it.

Tap Turners

If you are living with reduced strength or dexterity in your hands, tap turners can allow you to turn the taps in your bathroom on and off with ease. Once snapped into position, tap turners add long handles to your existing tap handles, making them easier to grasp and use. Some tap turners feature comfort grip and brightly coloured handles making it easy to tell which is hot and cold.

Price: Tap turners range from £5 to around £20.

Installation: There is no installation required. Tap turners are simply fitted over your existing taps.

Non-slip Bath Mats and Discs

Non-slip bath mats or discs can be placed at the bottom of your bath or shower to increase grip and prevent slips and falls. There are two popular options available: non-slip bath mats or adhesive non-slip discs.

Non-slip floor mats are not sticky, but they still provide adhesion even to wet surfaces. They extend over a large area and provide a grippy surface to stand on which can help prevent slips and falls. Some mats even feature massage nodules that provide the added benefit of massaging your feet.

Non-slip discs come in a roll of self-adhesive strips that can be securely attached to the bottom of your bath or shower. The top surface of each disc provides a grippy surface for feet to prevent falls. Many discs are even designed to look seamless within the base of your shower or bath.

Price: From £8 up to around £20.

Installation: There is no installation required for a non-slip floor mat. For the adhesive discs, you will need to ensure your bath or shower is completely clean and dry to ensure the discs can adhere properly.

Bath Seats and Stools

Bath seats and stools are designed to allow a person to conserve energy and use their bath or shower comfortably while sitting down. These seats and stools are usually held firmly in place through sturdy, rubber feet or suction cups. Many models are adjustable in height allowing you to find the perfect fit. Bath seats and stools can also be used by anyone who might have difficulty lowering themselves into the full depth of the bath.

Price: From around £30 to £60.

Installation: There is no installation required. You simply lift the stool into the base of your bathroom or shower. It is a good idea to ask a loved one to ensure your seat or stool is securely and firmly in place before using it.

Grab Rails

Bathroom grab rails provide extra support to anyone who might feel unsteady on their feet while in the bathroom. Grab rails come in a variety of sizes so you can choose the size that fits your bathroom. They can be installed near the bath, shower, toilet, sink or anywhere you feel you may need the extra support.

Price: From £10 up to around £35.

Installation: There are models available that do not require formal installation since they use suction cups to attach to the wall. Just be sure to have a loved one test your new grab rails to ensure they can support your weight before using them.

Long-Handled Sponges and Scrubbers

Long-handled washing aids help people with flexibility or mobility concerns to wash with minimal strain. A long-handled back sponge is useful if you have difficulty reaching over your shoulder and other washing tools are available to aid in self-washing the whole body.

Price: From £5 up to £15.

Installation: There is no installation required. Long-handled sponges and scrubbers come ready to use out of the package.

Bath Lifts

A bath lift or reclining chair can help people gently get in and out of the bath. This provides people with limited mobility or a disability with a safe option for bathing. Bath lifts come in various sizes and designs and most are operated with a remote or pedant that allows the user to control the lift.

Price: Most models start from £250 and up depending on the size and brand.

Installation: Bath lifts must be professionally installed to ensure that they are safe to use. Many providers will include installation in the price of the bath lift.

Raised Toilet Seats

Raised toilet seats make it safer and easier for people with mobility or strength concerns to lower themselves onto a standard toilet seat. A raised toilet seat is installed onto a regular toilet seat raising its height by several inches. This makes it easier and more comfortable to lower yourself on or off the seat.

Price: From £30 up to around £60.

Installation: Raised toilet seats require minimal installation. Most models can be attached to any standard toilet seat by tightening and fixing the included brackets by hand.

Toilet Frames

Toilet frames can be positioned around an existing toilet and provide grab rails on both sides to make it easier to sit down and stand up. Some models attach to the wall while others are free-standing. These frames provide extra stability for people that have difficulties with mobility, strength or balance. They may also be useful for people with vision problems or people recovering after an illness or surgery.

Price: From £50 up to £100 depending on the size and model.

Installation: A free-standing toilet frame requires no formal installation although the frame itself may need to be assembled. Other models attach to the surrounding walls and will need to be formally installed.

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