The variety of a day in care

People often ask, ‘what’s a typical day in the life of a carer?’ To be honest there is no such thing, and that is why the job role is so exciting, so varied and so interesting. There is a huge opportunity to positively impact the lives of the people that we’re caring for.

At Prestige Nursing + Care, our carers help people with a variety of needs, whether it be complex care needs, brain or spinal injury rehabilitation, dementia support (including ensuring that that their family and friends are also supported) all the way through to companionship.

Many of our carers choose the career as they want to make a positive impact on other people’s lives, and giving care gives that opportunity. One of our care assistants from Leicester cares for and supports clients with a range of needs in the local area. Her care includes looking after a one year old boy with complex care needs, through to an adult male with a brain injury. As part of her day-to-day, wherever possible Sadie also spends time with the families of those she’s caring for, helping with domestic tasks and putting the world to rights to offer some respite.

Another or our carers, from the Prestige Nursing + Care Derby branch has made a real drive to get her clients more engaged with the local community. For one of the people she’s caring for that means a trip to the local pub for a meal. Like many of our carers, she is responsible for medication procedures and complex interventions – which means that people can get assessed and cared for in a relatively short timeframe, in their own home which can make all the difference.

We’re really proud of all of our carers. They are making real, positive differences to people’s lives and we want to acknowledge and thank them. If you think that a career in care is for you, check out our recruitment page.

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