What are the qualities of a good carer?

At Prestige Nursing & Care, we are proud of the exceptional care professionals that are part of our team. The carers we hire are not only experienced and qualified, but they all possess certain qualities that make them competent and dedicated carers.

If you’re curious about a career in care and wondering what carer qualities and skills you should have, here you can learn more about the qualities we look for when hiring our own carers.


Compassion and empathy

Two of the most important qualities for a carer to have are compassion and empathy. The best care professionals care deeply about their client’s well-being and work hard to ensure their needs are being met. Care work can be emotionally and physically challenging at times and if a carer sees their role as “just a job”, they may struggle to thrive as a professional carer.


Care work requires moving at the customer’s own pace, so patience is an important quality for any carer to have. The best carers provide support to their clients while still encouraging their independence. Good carers know not to ‘take over’ simply because a client is moving at a slower pace.

The challenges of ageing or complex conditions like dementia may lead a person to feel irritable, confused, or distressed at times. A carer must be understanding and patient in these situations so that they can support their clients as they work through these challenges.


A warm and bubbly personality is often overlooked when it comes to the qualities of a good carer, but it is vital for delivering outstanding care. Maintaining a positive attitude plays a fundamental role in promoting good mental and even physical health. The best carers are friendly and social people that are interested in building a genuine bond with their clients.


Carers must be observant so that they can make sure that anything out of the ordinary is acted upon promptly. As we age, our physical and mental conditions can change rapidly. An observant carer will quickly notice if there is something amiss with their clients, allowing for prompt treatment or medical intervention.


Being reliable is important for any carer, but this is especially so for care work. Clients often rely on their carers to help them with important tasks like eating or dressing, so a carer must be reliable and arrive when they say they will. Failing to perform these duties can have devastating consequences and may result in a loss of trust between a carer and the person they look after.

Good communication skills

A carer often works with people from all backgrounds and walks of life, so good communication skills are vital. A good carer knows how to communicate with their clients in a manner that allows them to feel respected and heard. They also know how to effectively communicate with their colleagues and other healthcare professionals to ensure a high standard of care is always being provided.


While qualities such as patience and empathy are important, it is beneficial for a carer to also have prior experience in caring for others. This may include professional on-the-job experience or simply looking after ageing relatives.

Well located

While location is not necessarily quality, it is still an important factor to consider when choosing a carer. If you are considering hourly care, you want to ensure that your carer lives within a reasonable distance from your home. With live-in care, location becomes less of a factor.

At Prestige Nursing & Care, we provide care and support in over 30 locations in the heart of communities across England and Scotland. Unlike an agency, we provide a fully regulated home care service, which means our clients and their families can be assured that the care and support we provide are of the very highest quality.


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