Personalised care and support for people living with dementia.

At Prestige Nursing + Care we understand getting a diagnosis of any form of dementia can be daunting and having care at home can be a big step.

Our extensive range of services can support you to live well with dementia.

For people with a new diagnosis we can provide companionship to enable you to continue to take part in your hobbies and activities inside and outside your home. The care and support we provide is tailored to an individual’s abilities and preferences as can be adapted as your needs change.

We provide:

Prestige Nursing + Care Dementia care at home is support for the whole person. Please contact us to discuss how we can support you and your family.

Our approach to dementia home care services

The support we provide to people with dementia and their families is relationship centred and this ensures we deliver personalised care that

  • Maximises independence
  • Promotes health and wellbeing
  • Encourages social interaction
  • Builds confidence and self esteem

Our approach to dementia care ensures our clients are able to continue to live their life, their way in their own home. Our goal is to make a positive difference at every home care visit.

Prestige Nursing + Care is part of the Dementia Action Alliance, demonstrating our ongoing commitment to improving the quality of life of people living with dementia in the UK.

Our dementia care training

At Prestige Nursing+Care our care assistants go through specific training that equips them to provide high quality, safe and compassionate care for people living with dementia. Our staff learn about

  • Different types and stages of dementia

  • Strategies to help people to be as independent as possible
  • Activities to help cognitive and social skills
  • Positive communication skills

  • Ways to support eating and drinking

Specialist Dementia Nursing Support

We work closely with Dementia UK and employ our own specialist dementia nurse – Sue Jones. She has extensive Admiral Nursing experience and works closely with our care assistants and Nurses to ensure we can offer personalised care to people with highly complex needs.

Our training ensures that our care assistants are aware of the different symptoms of Alzheimer’s and how best to care for that person. You can rest assured that your loved one is in capable hands.

Sue Jones also manages a rare dementia support group in Norwich, For more information please view the article.

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