Dementia and Alzheimer’s Homecare Services

Dementia and Alzheimer’s can affect your loved one’s life in multiple ways. Perhaps there is no cure yet for dementia, but at Prestige Nursing + Care, we know that we can help to make things better and also help to slow down the onset or progress of the disease. We provide your loved one with a wide array of care at home and activities to exercise and invigorate their mind and promote their health, happiness and independence.

Our homecare services can assist and support those with Dementia & Alzheimer’s:

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Enabling people with dementia to stay independent in their own home

We understand that people with dementia will always be happier in their own homes supported by a community of friendly and professional care and support that is tailored to their needs.

Our dementia care at home programmes are designed to provide a range of services from personal care  to nursing care in the latter stages of the disease. We will help support you, or your loved one, with managing challenging behaviours caused by dementia, understand how people with dementia suffer with depression and loneliness, and help stimulate positive memories through talking therapies and interactive technology.

Dementia care at home for us is support and care for the whole person. Please contact us to learn how we can support you and your loved one.

Our approach to dementia homecare services

Overall, mentally-active older people are less likely to develop dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, and are more likely to strengthen their cognitive function. This adds meaning and enjoyment to their lives and a sense of self-worth and greater independence, which is the goal of Prestige Nursing + Care’s home care services.

Our approach to dementia care is designed to help the elderly keep their brains active and challenged through problem-solving, games, and hobbies. This kind of mental engagement helps older people to find purpose in life, and this leads to feelings of self-worth, an optimistic, can-do spirit, and an enhanced level of independence.

Opportunities like these motivate the elderly to get up in the morning. And that’s something we all need.

Our Alzheimer’s Care Assistant Training

At Prestige Nursing + Care, our care assistants go through specific training that enables them to care for older people with dementia or Alzheimer’s. We understand that it’s not easy to care for a loved one who may:

  • Have short-term memory loss
  • Experience sudden mood swings
  • Find it difficult to complete tasks as they easily lose track of what they are doing
  • Get lost easily as they wander away from home and do not know how to return home

Our training ensures that our care assistants are aware of the different symptoms of Alzheimer’s and how best to care for that person. You can rest assured that your loved one is in capable hands.