What financial support is there?

Should you wish to find out more about what financial assistance you may qualify for we will try to signpost you to relevant organisations, including the Local Authority, who will be able to assist you further.

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Do I have to pay for care out of my own pocket?

Yes. Our services are focussed on private-paying individuals looking to receive an altogether higher quality service which is delivered at times during the day when service is required. You or a nominated family member, friend or advocate will be invoiced every two weeks for the amount of hours used within the care package. We try [...]

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How much does home care cost?

Our pricing is based on hourly rates and will vary depending on the client’s needs. Live-in care can be a daily or weekly rate and our sleep-in service is provided on a nightly rate.Please contact us to learn more about what costs to expect for your loved one’s care. We’ll do an in-house visit to make [...]

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What if care needs change over time?

We have a process in place to make sure your loved one’s needs are assessed regularly and the Care Plan is adjusted accordingly. n addition there are opportunities for you to provide us with feedback so we can improve our services: Regular care plan reviews Quality control visits Reassessments Client Satisfaction Surveys

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What if the Care Worker is unwell or on holiday?

Comfort Keepers® employs a team of Care Workers so that your care service will not be interrupted if someone gets sick or goes on holiday.   If your Comfort Keeper is unavailable, we will arrange another Care Worker to stand in and will contact you in advance of the change.   Our Client Care Coordinator will also introduce the [...]

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How are your Care Workers selected?

Each Care Worker - Comfort Keeper - is an employee who is carefully screened and trained before caring for a client.  All our Comfort Keepers have undergone a robust process including criminal background checks, and personal and professional reference checks.  We strive to hire the very best Care Workers to become Comfort Keepers, because we only [...]

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