Meal Delivery and Other Options

Meal Delivery and Other Options

Setting a habit of healthy, regular meals for the elderly: meal delivery and other options

As your parent gets older, cooking tasty and nutritious meals can become more of a challenge. You may find yourself travelling to your loved one’s home each day to cook meals for them or freezing meals that can then be heated up when you aren’t available. A great service to help out with this approach is our very own in-home care service where we can prepare, serve and keep your loved one company during meal times.

Another option to you preparing meals in advance is to hire a food delivery service,  and there are many of these operating in Worthing, but here are a few to start.

Royal Voluntary Service

The Royal Voluntary Service used to be called WRVS, and it was one of the first providers of meals-on-wheels. There is a charge for this service, which delivers hot and frozen meals to elderly people in their homes so that they can stay independent for longer. It caters for a wide range of dietary needs including diabetics, and it can also provide meals based on soft foods.

The staff who deliver the food are friendly and sociable, and they can provide your parent with some conversation during the day. Volunteers can also visit your parent’s home to heat up the meals and provide them with some company.

Martins Meals

Martins Meals provides hot food delivered direct to the door for anyone who wants it, but it has a special focus on the elderly and the infirm. Food can be delivered every day apart from Christmas Day, when a cold meal is delivered on the previous day. You also have the choice of five main dishes every day.

Oakhouse Foods

Oakhouse Foods is based in Wiltshire but is available all over the UK including Worthing. It provides over 300 recipes, and delivers its frozen ready meals once a week so that they can be stored in the freezer and heated up daily.

Love Food Ready Meals

Love Food Ready Meals is a private company providing food deliveries. It is not targeted specifically at elderly people, and the food is more expensive than some of the other services on the list, but you may want to take a look.

Find the right service for your parent

It is a good idea to explore all your options when looking for a food delivery service. It may be something that you want to do together with your parent to make sure you find something that they will like. You may even want to try a few different services until you find one that suits you.

Make mealtimes enjoyable for a loved one

On top of having healthy, well-balanced meals available, it’s crucial to keep in mind that meal times are an important, social time of the day. Preparing a meal, whether home-cooked or delivered, and enjoying food with someone is a great opportunity for interaction with an older person.

Whether you decide to have food delivered to your elderly loved one’s home or to cook and freeze meals in advance, consider a home care service where a professional care worker can provide in-home essential care and services such as meal preparation, serving, and companionship. to A care worker can help to maintain meal times throughout the day and that can become great moments to look forward to in a day.

Once you find a service you both like, and one that provides the full range of meal time service required, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your parent is eating a healthy and nutritious meal every day

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