Our Approach

Our Approach to Care at HomeWhat makes our Home Care Services at Prestige Nursing + Care different?
Compassion is at the heart of our service and our Care Assistants create trusting relationships which offer friendship and companionship. Our professional staff are trained to understand that our care plans are customised and flexible to meet the needs of all of our clients. We provide home care plans tailored not just to meet your loved ones everyday needs but to enhance everyday living with favourite recreational activities. 97% of our clients are very satisfied or satisfied with the care and support we provide (Client survey 2016)

Our Care Approach

Over 70 years of experience in providing homecare has led to Prestige Nursing + Care developing comprehensive care and support plans for our clients. We liaise closely with you, or your loved one, and community health and social care professionals to ensure that a holistic approach to care at home can be provided. Our professional teams of Nurses, Homecare Assistants and Support Workers put you or your loved one at the centre of the care and support delivered.

At Prestige Nursing + Care, we understand the importance of an active mind and a healthy lifestyle, so our care and support plans are adapted to take into account your loved one’s hobbies and interests so we can help provide and assist with a range of activities to exercise the mind and lift the spirit. To help reduce the risk of falls, and to enhance suppleness and freedom of movement we can work with our clients on their muscle tone, flexibility, balance, range of motion and mobility by planning and facilitating physical activities. Not only will our Care Assistants help clients with their shopping and cooking, they also share mealtimes with them to ensure a well-balanced diet and proper hydration. The home environment should be a place in which your loved ones are safe from accidents and injuries so we can discuss recommendations on how to make their home safer. Our Trusted Nurses & Support WorkersEvery one of our care assistants and nurses are required to pass a rigorous recruitment process and you can be sure that they have been: Screened with an enhanced criminal background check (DBS) and PIN check for nurses
Checked via a minimum of 2 professional references. Through a rigorous induction and training processAre constantly being checked through on-going assessments. Are hand-picked primarily for their caring, attentive attitude and approach.

Our Service GuaranteeAt Prestige Nursing + Care, our unique Service Guarantee offers our clients a full refund on any shift carried out by our staff if they are unhappy with any aspect of the care provided. It is important to us that you are happy with the care and support we provide every time we visit.

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