Why Work in Care

What do we look for in our Care Staff?

At Prestige Nursing + Care, we believe before learning skills and attaining knowledge you need to have the right attitude and approach. These are the fundamental building blocks for a career in care.

There are three areas we look for in our home care candidates:

Caring, Empathetic & Respectful Reliable, Organised & Balanced Curious, Ready to Learn & Motivated

You will provide high quality client care

As part of the Prestige care team, you will do more than prepare lunch or dust the furniture. Through our person-centred approach to home care means finding ways to actively engage clients. This could include cooking favourite recipes together, reminiscing over old photos, visiting friends, continuing favourite hobbies, taking a walk or doing puzzles. The happiness from companionship is as important as physical functions.

Simply apply online directly or give us a call on 0808 239 1525.

Meet our Care Team Members

Our Care Assistants come from various backgrounds. Read on to learn more about their personal stories and motivations to work with Prestige in care.

I’m a student doing my diploma in social care. I wanted to gain hands-on experience so I found a part-time opportunity with the Prestige office in Nottingham. I enjoy working while studying – I have the flexibility I need in my schedule to complete my studies and projects; I have access to training opportunities to broaden my care competencies, and some extra spending money to help cover my studies and everyday expenses  first found out about Prestige through another friend who had just took up working again after having kids. She said it offered great flexibility and allowed her to take care of the kids when she needed to still while offering an opportunity to help others in the community. Today, the thing I enjoy most is being able to help older people in their daily lives. It’s best type of job satisfaction!

I never would have thought I’d go back to work so soon after retiring, but I felt I needed a way to connect with others again and thought, why not help those who needed it most. Through Prestige, I’m able to assist the elderly who have lost their independence through an accident or sickness. I didn’t have any previous care experience, but with Prestige’s introductory care training I felt confident. The bonus is that I still have time to see my grandchildren and enjoy life while I’m still able.

I recently received my degree as a Specialist Practitioner in Adult Nursing from Brighton University. Working with Prestige in Worthing has been a very positive step in my career as it allowed to me work directly with the elderly and build a strong base of experience in dementia and Alzheimer’s. I hope to continue advancing my career with Prestige, as they offer many opportunities in specialist care for older people.

Interested in joining our local homecare teams?

Care Assistants, join our great team supporting local clients.

Prestige Nursing + Care is a private homecare provider offering you a better way to work in care. We are looking for experienced, friendly Care Assistants to join our local team.

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