Elderly Care Options

Care optionsHelping you make the right decisionIt is good to know that there are many care options, but for those family members having to navigate all the various care options such as care home versus home care, it can be a time consuming task deciding which service will offer the most appropriate care for your loved one.

At Prestige Nursing + Care, our goal is to make sure you are aware of all the varying types and levels of care which are currently available in your area. Through our experience and professional consultations we want to make sure that you have peace of mind that assistance and support at home is the perfect option for your family member.

You need to know what to look out for within each professional care discipline so you can make an informed choice. To the right we have paralleled the four main types of care we are likely to receive as we reach old age. We have included a checklist for those essential factors to look out for.

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Understand your care optionsExtra Care Scheme

This option is very much like a care home. It will mean your loved one will need to move from their home for that extra in-house care they need. Again your first port of call is finding out the elderly person’s needs which can then be matched to the services available. Ask yourself:

  • Is there a waiting list?
  • Does this facility come with recommendations?
  • What level of care is being offered? Can it adapt if your loved one needs more intense care in the future?
  • Location, location, location. Moving away from home is never the first choice so ensure it is close enough for family and friends to visit and where possible in an area your loved one feels safe and happy in.
Home Care with a Service Provider

Here again with home care the elderly person can remain at home without having to move to new surroundings. The safest home care for the elderly is from a reputable company which can offer solid verification of references and recommendations, is adaptable and flexible enough to create unique care packages to meet the care needs of your loved one, and is experienced and robust enough to offer cover in all eventualities.
When choosing home care pay special attention to:

  • The reputation of the care provider
  • Do they have references you can check?
  • Do they have a central approach in terms of care?
  • How are the care workers trained?
  • Do they have insurance cover?
  • What will happen when the usual care worker is absent?
  • Does the home care provider have CQC registration?
  • Are there CQC inspection reports that can be reviewed?
Homecare with an Independently Hired Carer

The great thing about this care option is it allows the elderly person to remain in their own home. Be cautious and diligent with an independently hired carer as this essential monitoring will not be carried out by an established reputable company. In all cases make sure you check:

  • The carer is insured.
  • If they work alone it is essential they have some form of backup at times of absence, otherwise you will be left chasing around.
  • Finding care at the last minute.
  • Does the carer have references you can check?
  • Can you verify qualifications and experience of the carer?
  • What are the payment terms? What contract is there between you and the carer?
  • Does the Carer have a Fully Enhanced DBS Check?

At Prestige,  we provide home care services as a care provider. We can help you further evaluate this option in more detail.

Residential Care Home

The first place to start when choosing a new home is by taking heed of your senior family member’s needs. Make an extensive list of the factors they feel are important in their new home. Gather as much information about homes in the surrounding area as you can. Where possible, obtain recommendations for care homes in West Sussex. As well as asking for a brochure and speaking to management ensure you visit the care home to get a feel for daily life in the home. Speak to other residents in the home. What are their feelings about living there? Other points to take into account:

  • Is there a waiting list?
  • Reputation of the care provider?
  • Staff ratio?
  • Location of the residence. Will it be easy for friends for family and friends to visit? Is it a friendly area your loved one knows and feels safe in?
  • Are meal plans available? Is focus given to nutrition and good eating?
  • Weekly costs?
  • Have you reviewed their latest CQC Inspection Report?