What is Live-in care and is it an alternative to care homes?

Live-In care is a very viable alternative to care provided within a Residential Care Home.

Very often the prices are comparable, if not cheaper for a week’s Live-In and unlike a Care Home where the client and their immediate family have to go through the physical upheaval of moving from their own home into a Care Home and the emotional effects such a move will bring, remaining in the comfort of their own home, the individual will benefit from one to one care and can be sure that they do the things they want to do at a time which suits them.

So what are the differences between a care home and live-in care?

Care Home

For example, in a Care Home, residents are told what times their meals will be ready, they very often have to wait until staff are ready for them to get up, washed and dressed and often they are put to bed too early.  The reasons for these lie with the fact that there are only a certain number of staff on duty who need to organise and look after dozens of residents.

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Home Care

By remaining in one’s own home everything is undertaken at the time and pace dictated by the client.  There are no set routines and individuals have the choice as to when they get up, what they would like to eat, the times to have their meals, where they go during the day or evening and of course what time they would like to go to bed.

Live-in Care – the real difference

By providing Live-In care we can not only assist our clients with ongoing care and support to suit their individual needs, but our Care Worker will develop a strong working relationship with the individual and ensure the person remains happy and as independent as possible.  We actively encourage social friendship circles and can ensure our clients are able to attend all social engagements by getting them safely to and from these.

Should a client want to simply go out for a walk or a ride in the car, again our Care Workers make this happen.  This also applies to medical appointments where we will accompany our client to and from these and be present during the actual appointment if we are asked to be.

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How long does a Care Worker stay in the home on a live-in care package?

Often the Care Worker engaged in a Live-In package will remain with the client for up to 12 unbroken weeks – some Live-In providers insist on changing staff every two weeks on a rota type basis however we feel this can be disruptive so we leave things in place and then keep a close eye on the overall package to ensure both client and Care Worker remain happy.  When a rest is required we make sure everything is set up and in place and that the client is fully aware as to who is coming in whilst their regular Care Worker takes their leave.

Live-in care as an alternative to residential care

Live-In care is a great alternative to Residential Care, albeit people automatically default to thinking an Older Person has to go to a care home when they reach a certain age – in fact this is simply not true, most Older People can remain living happily in the comfort of their own home with a Live-In Care Worker who can liaise with other professionals as and when required and ensure all equipment needed is in place to keep the individual safe and as comfortable as possible.

Our approach to live-in care and care in your own home

Comfort Keepers take a ‘doing with’ approach as opposed to having a ‘doing for’ mindset as this ensures the individual not only maintains control of what they want to do, but is also involved themselves as much as possible.  We take the time to fully understand the individual we will be working with – identifying with them their likes, dislikes; interesting things about their past; who their family members are, careers / jobs undertaken.

We don’t see them in any way as one of a number of clients who then has to fit in with the way we operate – everything revolves around their own needs, wishes and desires.  As our mission statements says, we look after clients as if they were members of our own family and to us that means keeping people in their own home.

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If Live-in care isn’t for you how about Home Care with our Comfort Keepers® Care Planner? 100% bespoke home care

We offer care plans based on 3 flexible care options to ensure our services meet your needs.To deliver the best quality care, each option starts from 2 hours and comes with a suggested set of services:

Rise ‘n’ Shine (morning)

  • A ‘warm’ wake-up routine
  • Hot drink made, breakfast prepared
  • House warmed and tidied

Your Time (flexible daytime)

  • Grocery shopping, other errands
  • Appointments/visits
  • Your chosen leisure or social activity

Winding Down (evening)

  • Dinner preparation
  • Hot drink made, breakfast prepared
  • Evening house check