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Will the service be flexible?

Absolutely yes. You can choose from 2 hours per week to 24 hours 7 days a week – a good service should always fit in around the needs of each client and NOT the needs of the provider. Should your needs need to increase or decrease from week to week simply let our team know [...]

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In what cases is it most suitable to use home care for my ageing parent?

Home care services are a good solution to providing care and support to older people who want to stay independent in their own home but who need help around the house and who may also need assistance with daily activities such as bathing, dressing and meal preparation. Depending on the needs of the older person, [...]

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How do I become a client?

After your first request for home care services from Comfort Keepers® we will organise an in-home visit to discuss your loved one’s needs and to set up your account. See how our service works for further details. During the visit you will get a chance to ask questions, and ensure we have all of the information [...]

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What is home care and how does it differ from home healthcare?

Home care refers to any type of non-medical care and assistance which enables individuals to function as independently as possible in their own homes. The focus of home care is on activities which help each person complete daily tasks such as meal preparation, shopping, laundry, housework transportation and grooming. As much as home carers cannot [...]

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