1)  How long have you been with Comfort Keepers?

I am the first employee of Comfort Keepers UK and joined in May 2012 at this time all I knew that there would be an office in the UK somewhere on the south coast, location unknown at this time. I spent my first day with Comfort Keepers in Paris with my colleagues and then a week with the Comfort Keepers in America understanding the business model over there and how this would translate into the business in the UK.

2)  What attracted you to the care sector?

I initially started working in the care sector when I was 17 years old as an administrator 2 days a week and then the company at the time I worked for were short staffed and then asked me to go and help with a care call, my passion for being in the sector has stemmed from there, Over the last 17 years I have progressed from administrator to scheduler to office manager and then to Business Manager before becoming the UK Operations Manager for Comfort Keepers .

3)  What is your role and what do you do?

Currently in my role as Operations Manager I focus on recruiting staff, training staff, Meeting and signing new clients, having positive and regular contact with other providers such as one call to enable people to come home from hospital quickly and safely,  ensuring that policies and procedures are implemented and followed which in turn ensures our service is of the highest quality.

4)  What do you like about CK? 

I like Comfort Keepers and the ethos they adhere to and that I am part of Sodexo who is the 18th largest employer in the world. Since I have been here, there have been many challenges. However, these have all been positive and to be there from the start and see where we are now and where we will be in the future is inspiring and exciting. I also have to say I am very luckily to work with such amazing, passionate and caring team from the office staff to the care staff. Not many people can  honestly say they enjoy going to work each and everyday but I can, we are building an outstanding company to which I an honoured and privileged to be a part of.

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