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The unfair demonisation of agency staff

Research from The King’s Fund revealed that one in five hospital finance chiefs believe the incoming cap on agency staff will damage the quality of care provision. According to the directors, the cap could directly affect their ability to keep enough nurses and doctors on their wards to meet the needs of patients, something that is totally [...]

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NHS trust overspends

Figures released this week paint a dire picture of the NHS’ finances at trust-level. According toThe Guardian, Barts NHS Trust in London is on course to run up a deficit of £134.9 million this year – the largest of any in the history of the National Health Service. Other trusts in and around the capital [...]

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The advent of technology in social care

Every year, technology plays an increasingly important part in our working lives. On-the-go email, cloud systems like GoogleDocs, and a variety of other apps, both mainstream and bespoke, have become fundamental to countless businesses across the globe. The social care sector has not escaped this digital advent, and its usage has brought in a multitude of [...]

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A day in the life of a carer

Social care has never been in more demand. Between 2005 and 2014 the population aged 85 and over – the group most likely to require care – increased by 30%. As people continue to live longer, demand for care is only going to increase. This comes at a time when government cuts in social care spending and strains on [...]

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Bed-blocking rears its head again

Reports in the Daily Telegraph suggest NHS bosses believe elderly patients are refusing to give up their hospital beds, for fear of the financial repercussions of going into a care home. This paints a very disturbing picture of the state of the nation’s elderly care provision, and the impact this has on wider health and social care [...]

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NHS blunders and the provision of social care

This week, the Times published a damning report highlighting the acute waste associated with this government’s ‘streamlining’ of the NHS, as more than £90m was spent on redundancy to staff who were then immediately rehired. This does not come at a good time for the health service, which is still reeling from the press attention its reported £2.2 billion [...]

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Social care’s winter crisis and Care City

The Office for National Statistics recently reported that 43,900 excess winter deaths occurred among over 65s this winter – many of which were entirely preventable. This is double that of 2013/14, and throws into sharp relief the calamitous effects the winter months can have on the nation’s elderly population. The fact this figure is rising so dramatically [...]

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Into 2016 and beyond

2015 was a year that required a grand solution to a social care crisis that is rapidly becoming acute – and it is unfortunate that this has yet to materialise. May’s General Election was seen as a potential turning point in the sector’s fortunes, and although social care took a back seat on the electoral [...]

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The hidden cost of dementia care

A new report from Alzheimer’s Research UK illustrates how the condition has a huge impact on not only those who have to undergo its debilitating effect, but also their friends, families and loved ones. There are an estimated 700,000 people in the UK who care for close friends or relatives that suffer from Alzheimer’s. The report – Dementia [...]

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Caring at Christmas | Prestige Nursing + Care

There's never been a better time to get into care work than at Christmas. Find all you need to know about caring over the festive season with Prestige Nursing. In December 2014, research from Age UK showed that over 400,000 elderly people were worried about spending Christmas alone. It’s very concerning that some of the [...]

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