Paying for care at home

The finances of arranging and paying for care can be complex, and will depend on the type of care and support you, or a loved one, require. This can range from personal care (washing, dressing, grooming) to more specialist care.

Understanding the funding options will help you put in place a care plan that is right for your needs, at a cost that is affordable.

Prestige Nursing + Care’s homecare services are privately-funded, either by you, or a family member, or your authorised representative. The costs of providing our homecare may be supported by a Local Authority or CCG, which is part of the NHS.

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How much we charge

Prestige Nursing + Care’s fees are based on the comprehensive care and support plan – our Care Assessment, that we develop with you, or a loved one, after understanding your needs and the requirements for your homecare. (With your permission, we will also discuss our finding with other professionals and family members who are interested in your care and well-being.)


Our Care Assessment will provide a cost for your homecare, which will vary for each client depending on the numbers of hours of care you require, how many visits and the type of professional – a care assistant, a nurse or a support worker.

We will always provide complete transparency on our fees, and are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Care funding options for care at home

For independent information and advice on homecare funding options:

Your local GP, community health teams and social services teams will also be able to assist.